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Invisalign + already had braces

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I had braces for about a year when I was 13. My teeth looked wonderful after and I wore my retainers every night for about 2 years. After that I wore them progressively less, until it was too painful to wear them anymore. I still tried to wear them at least once every 2 weeks, until the other day my dog chewed the top one into shreds.


I have an appointment with an orthodontist next week to talk about what I can do for my teeth. They look pretty crooked these days, but my bite is still much better than it was before I had the braces.


I was thinking about asking for invisalign to straighten my teeth and I wanted to know about other people's experiences, positive and negative.


I have about $2000 on my insurance to spend on orthodontic work and I was wondering how much it has cost other people to get? I don't want to spend a lot because my parents already did that when I was 13. Surely my teeth can't be worth that much?

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How does Invisalign work? Like you, I used to have braces when I was a teenager. Wore my retainers for a while after the braces and it didnt work out real well. My teeth are kinda out of shape and I want to look into getting them straightened out again, but no braces. I hated wearing braces.


I have invisalign and it is working for my teeth. It's alot like braces, but you can remove them, (which is obviously very helpful). It's a clear, stiff tray that fits over all your teeth together, like a splint (or a brace) and aligns them. It is a bit painful or uncomfortable sometimes but not that bad.

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I have a friend who did Invisalign at age 33 after having braces as a teen. She wore them for about 1 year and they did a marvelous job- she had a payment plan and she was very pleased with them.


I may at some point get them myself... as I had braces as a teen and I wore my retainers for about two years and lost them... and now my eye teeth are a bit crooked again, although my teeth in general are much straighter then they were before I had braces!

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Hello- I work for a dentist & ortho office. I also had braces, actually 2 times. They didn't have the invisalign for the second time. if your teeth have moved, the sooner you get them straight again it is much easier. Invisalign works very well. You do have to be very consistant since they are removable. The one thing I tell all my removal patients is " Wear your retainers as long as you want you teeth straight. Retainers are called "retainers" to retain your teeth in the postion they are in. " If I had been told that when I was a teenager i would not have had to get them again. In our office they run $4,500- $ 5,000 due to having to send to another lab to have them fabricated. I also am not sure that insurance pays much. Hope so!! Good Luck and Keep Smiling

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I was told to wear retainers until age 35 off and on of course, because your teeth still move around. Mine still fit, I would put them in periodically and recently tried them for the sake of trying them and I'm so glad my parents paid for braces and my teeth are still relatively straight.

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