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another baby question!

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I sure am glad I have a forum on which to ask all of my inane baby questions.


Recap: My son will be 17 weeks old on Sunday, but since he was 11 weeks premature, his developmental age would be considered 6 weeks, so everything he does would be on par with a 6-week-old, not a 4 month old.

That being said...


My son is not quite smiling yet, but I can see it on the horizon. Whenever he's awake and I kiss his cheeks, his mouth will open wide and I can see the corners turning up. Just waiting for the real smile... not the gassy kind.


However, he does sometimes just crack up laughing while he's sleeping. Does anyone know what that's all about? He'll break out into a huge smile, start laughing and cooing, and then go back into deep sleep mode. I LOVE it, it's adorable, but I don't know why he's doing it. Is that another gas thing? Has anyone else's baby done this, especially before they actually smile and laugh during their waking hours?


Thanks... and thanks for putting up with all of my questions. Y'all are golden.


P.S. Bathtime is MUCH better now. I've figured out the right time to do it, and while I can tell that he's not having the time of his life during the bath and he does start to fuss a little while I'm drying him off, it's not a 10-minute scream-fest anymore, praise God!

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I dont know what it truly means but I have noticed this with my kids too.


Also that they would look off into the air like they saw things I didnt see, smiling.


I would say he is 'sleeping with the angels'. or having a dream. I know some may say its just gas but its so much more fun to imagine him dreaming of the clouds!

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All my children did the same thing. They were dreaming so they'd laugh and giggle and make the most adorable sounds. It was the most wonderful thing while they were sleeping on my chest or somewhere that I got a front row seat for it.


Isn't it a fantastic age?

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I think as well, that your baby is probably dreaming a sweet or funny dream when he laughs out loud and coos during sleep.


Both of my children did that same thing when they were babies. I remember my youngest brother doing that when was also a baby. So the " sleep " laughs and coo's are normal. And yes that is such a sweet sound to hear their little laughs and pleasant coo's.


Every baby is probably going to follow different time frames on what they do and when, especially preemies.


My babies smiled big smiles early on during the first month. It was at about 6 weeks when they really let out a big belly laugh while awake.


If you are having any major concerns about his developement, just discuss them with your babies doctor during checkups and in between checkups if necessary. I am sure you are probably already doing this anyway though.

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Hey, I just remembered, My baby did all those cute things too. Not to advertise, but when my baby was small I joined link removed, they answered a lot of my questions, and sent me a monthly newletter tailored to my child's age in months/weeks, and it was (still is) amazing. It helps to know that other parents have the same questions at the same age, and what to do to deal with problems, what to look out for, and often, why babies do the things they do!


Happy parenting!

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... 11 weeks premature. What an ordeal for him and you! Amazing though how tuff they are those tiny babies!! My last one was only 4 weeks early and my! Was it rough on him.


However, he does sometimes just crack up laughing while he's sleeping. Does anyone know what that's all about?


Do not worry too much. He's cracking up laughing? Well he's happy and content, that's what I say! Who knows what babies think? It may be he just remembered you tickling him.


My son cried and cried and crrrrrrrrrrrried non stop for 5 months. His face was always distorted and tomato red. Doctors couldn't find what was wrong with him. Apparently there was nothing wrong. My two other children cried, but nothing like this one. The two put together never cried this much! A nurse told me many babies born prematurely had these crying fits. Be happy yours is laughing and smiling!!!


The very best to you and your lovely baby.

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Awwww... I remember that. Now I get to listen to my kids talk in their sleep, and it is just as cute.


And premies do fall a little behind the curve, no big deal though, because they catch back up before their 2nd birthday usually... I have seen it many times with patients... and they are always soooooo cute, and they wear those tiny little outfits for soooo much longer. My son was so small when he was born my mother went out and bought doll shoes and clothes for him to wear... awww


You are sooooo blessed he is healthy and happy. I am elated for you, hon...

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