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I am piss poor when it comes to gauging whether I look good or not. I do wear makeup but not a lot of it. I am trying to dress better and look better since now I go to school and have clinicals in a classroom. I went shopping today and decided to change my makeup a bit. The lady at the store helped me choose something different than what I usually wear (I dont wear makeup a lot), but nothing too dramatic or striking. I am not that adventurous.


I guess I just wanted some input from ENA people about if I look good with makeup, or without, or the colors dont look good. I dont trust my own judgement and asking my mother is out of the question. She hates it if I wear makeup. She says I look like a clown if I wear makeup.

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i think you look very pretty in both of those pictures.


But the trick to looking good..is feeling good ! When you know you look hot to trot...then you do look hot to trot! lol


That's why it feels good to do your hair and make up..it's all things that make you feel better..and when you feel better you look better.


But yeah, i think you are very pretty. You have a very warm and inviting face...trusting. I like your freckles...i think they add something.

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Ren I think you look great in both your photo's. Either way you are quite appealing and attractive in my opinion.


Do you personally think you look better with or with out the glasses, just in your own opinion?


I don't think the makeup makes you look like a clown at all. It looks quite nice.


How do you feel about the makeup you have on ? Keep experimenting with it until you find what looks good to you. As long as you don't cake the makeup on, to heaviliy , its not likely that you would ever look clownish.

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HHWH, thanks for your compliments about my freckles. I always felt uncomfortable about my freckles because my mom thinks they look bad on me. She has freckles like I do and she does anything and everything to try to cover them up.


Coollady, personally I think I look better without my glasses since my eyes get shown off more. But I always wear glasses since I dont do well with contacts.


Yeah, I went shopping today to cheer me up a bit. I bought a new shirt and changed my makeup a bit. I like the new colors on me. Not too dramatic but different. Also the lip gloss over the lipstick helps to accentuate my lips.

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OH and by the way, your mom is wrong when she says you look like a clown with makeup on .


You already know what she will say , so don't even bother asking her.


I think the makeup brightens your face a lot and that is meant in a good way, not like a clown.


I do love the lip color on you. It shows some definition to your lips and the blush gives your cheeks a bit of a glow.

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I used to wear glasses like you but I discovered I'm allergic to nickel. When the coating came off the metal near my cheeks they started to break out in spots.


The optician advised me to wear rectangle shaped lenses which have no frame around the lenses. I have two pair of those one pair for everyday use and watching tv. The other pair have yellow lenses so I can use them as sunglasses and driving glasses.


I also discovered I was on the borderline for reading glasses. The optician said it was upto me whether I wanted them. I tried reading with the lenses and found I could see a lot clearer. I chose rectangle lenses again but this time the frames are made of plastic and they're a shiney dark blue.


Most of the young people in England are wearing rectangle lenses. It was only after I bought mine that I discovered that my youngest sister (always upto date with the fashion) was wearing glasses with no frames.


I'm not fashion conscious at all. I go for what I like and feel comfortable in.


Another thing that might cheer you up is a makeover. My fiancee had a photograph taken after she had one done. She sent the photo as my birthday present. If she hadn't told me it was her I wouldn't have believed it. To me she's always beautiful but since she sent me that everone who comes in my house asks me who the beautiful woman is. When the men find out who she is they become jealous and say they wish they were me.

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Saffi23, I use Aveda products for facial cleaning and moisturizing, and I use MAC products for makeup. Makeup by MAC is made more for Asian complexions than other makeup lines.


Tigris, I also like the glasses with no visible frames. But, I have noticed that the plastic wire that holds them together tends to break easier. Many years ago, I used to wear glasses with no frames and I like them a lot. But they lasted only about a year before they broke.

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I think the photo of you without the glasses is better (and I note that you've changed your avatar to that one!). You look younger & your eyes look bigger & brighter, though that could just be that vagaries of digital photography.


btw - I can't notice any make-up. Surely that is a good thing?

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I think the photo of you without the glasses is better (and I note that you've changed your avatar to that one!). You look younger & your eyes look bigger & brighter, though that could just be that vagaries of digital photography.


btw - I can't notice any make-up. Surely that is a good thing?



I definitely notice the lip color and the cheek blush, I think it looks great.

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You don't look like a clown Ren. Your make-up is very natural looking and when I first saw your pictures I only noticed that you had lip gloss on. I think you picked some nice colors for your skin tone. And I love your freckles.


You have an endearing and innocent look to you that's inviting.

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The makeup is fine. Less is more you know. If you can swipe on some blush and lipstick or gloss you will be fine. Let the freckles show they give someone character.


If anything I would say grow your hair out a bit longer. (maybe shoulder length) The haircut you have doesn't do you justice. If you had that style and maybe parted on the side it would make your face longer looking.

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