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Clawing at the Flyscreen


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I look out.. to the bueatiful world.

The sun shineing.. the wind blowing.

Paradise, I was in.


There is an open door.

Giving me free passage to the great open.

Paradise, I had.


One day, the door had closed.

A flyscreen, had taken place.

Paradise, I could no longer reach.


I stand there, face stuck to the screen.

Clawing away, feeling the breeze, seeing the outside.

Paradise, I wanted.


Each day, the screen slowly got thicker, sturdier.

I tried so hard to my way out.

Paradise, slowly was slipping away.


Then it rained in my room.

Tears of pain and hurt, of what I had lost.

Paradise, did not want me.


Then one day, the screen was replaced with sharp steel mesh.

Blood splat on the ground, from my hands and face.

Paradise, had left me.


More and more blood covered the now red-stained floor.

Blood from my futile attempts of freedom.

Paradise, was now just a nightmare.


Until one day, I decided 'whats the use'.

Thats when I slit my wrists over and over on my prisioner.

Paradise, had killed me.





© Dregnought 2006

So yea, the 'basic' structual life of someone who was once happy to depressed to suicide... Hope it never happens to anyone you know.

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