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  1. Hey baby, Thast reallly really good.It nearly made me cry probley cuz im listening to a sad song think of stuff but gosh your poem is good .
  2. Asatru???Was is that(if you dont mind me asking)
  3. My bestie right now feels the exact way.Her two big bros are moving out and yeah
  4. What do you think he will say about you lieing to him?
  5. Oh yay that would be ausum *goes off into a random daydream*
  6. Lol like those robot machines like when you call the bank
  7. I cant eat meat, i just never could the poor animals and yeah and the taste would be gross and my body would think its weird if i just started eating meats again cuz its now the 5th year of being a vege
  8. Well everyone else said it for me so yeah but RayKay has got it right, but saying you shouldnt pressure him inot saying it.. I mean wouldnt it be better if he said it randomly or in thr perfect moment insted of you having to get it out of him
  9. Just hang out with her...She may be thinking the same thng bout you to. If its killing you that bad, prove to her that your not a wuss-bag
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