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i saw my first love after an entire year of no contact. I felt like it was finally time to see him, since i felt we had time to heal and get over wut hapened between us. Wen we reunited for the first time, it was as if nothing had changed. It was very clear that we still had strong emotions for eachother. The thing is, he has a gf who he got together with not even a month after are breakup. Apart of me feels like he never loved me if he found it so easy to get over me. i thought that by seeing him, he wouldnt have any feelings of love for me left. but after hanging out a few times we realised that we still loved eachother. i told him that its not a good thing to see him since he has a gf, and he agreed because he knew he was emotionally cheating on his gf. i need help in clarifying wut this means, by wut he said to me


"you were my first love and best friend i have ever had. ur forever going to be in my heart."


"i love u and her differently and i cant explain it." (i had asked if he was still in love with me and did he love her more then me. i asked if it was just love as a friend and he said NO)


he said upfront "i think its clear that we still have really strong emotions for eachother"


"im so confused i dont know what to do"


im so confused myself because its been an entire year of no contact mostly on his part, and it seems like he isnt even close to being over me. how is that possible wen u have a new gf who u claim to be in love with. i know its normal to always have feelings for an ex, but should the feelings really be that strong? im soo sad because i wish to be with him more then any other man, but hes with her still and im not gna ask him to break up with her for me. i love him and i dont wanna mess up his life. please help any advice u can give me on how to move on ffrom this. also wut do u think his feelings for me are?

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I'm pretty dam sure that when I'm 40 i'll see my first love and fall back in love with him...this is totally normal.


Your first love is everything really...your youth, the most untainted love you'll ever have, the most thrilling love you'll ever have...


- why did u guys break up to begin with???...if you got back together would there be those problems again?


good for you having respect for this other girl..


it sounds to me he is telling you that while he will always love you, you are not the one. sounds he has no intention of leaving this woman. to be honest in those quotes i see no hint of him wanting to get back together. sounds like he wants you in his life, wants to portray to his emotion, but that's all.

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we were together for almostt 2 years....friends in highscool who fell in love really randomly. i have never been able to be with anyone everyday and not get sick of them. he was the best friend ive ever had. we practically lived together and spent every moment together our senior year of highschool. unfortunately we both went to two different colleges which were 2 hours away. we wanted to stay together even tho we knew we would have to do a long distance relationship, but i was having such a hard time not being with him.


we broke up finally becuse we kept breaking up and getting back together pretty frequently, which was basically my wrongdoing. he stuck by me for too long that somtimes i judge him for being with me. we broke up finally because he couldnt take it anymore and obviously found someone else that went to the same university. i was so broken hearted, and still am.


i feel its SO much harder to get over someone who i know is still in love with me. i wish he didnt love me anymore because that would at least be my closure. but now i kno he feels the same as he ever did.


i dont know how to move on from this its been a year!

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