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my boyfriend keeps his best female friend naked pictures. is it ok?

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I just found some naked pictures of some girls who are my boyfriend's friend. One of them is very close to him, she calls him all the time, even at 3:00AM. I don't mind if she has close female friends, but I feel weird. Do you think it's acceptable and normal? I really need your advice because it keeps bugging me all day.

Thank you so much.

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Oh yeah, if it were me I certainly would. If it were me? Something like this could be a dealbreaker.


It is disgusting. I would suspect that they are more than friends too. In a commited relationship with you, he has no business talking to 'friends' at all hours of the night, let alone having naked pictures of them!

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sleazy pics, the most private parts and I can see them very clearly. Do guys always keeps their naked female friends pictures?


um.... none of my male friends have any naked photos of me!!! Actually, no one has naked photos of me, except for my parents with my first bath photos (similar to melrich's avatar).


yeah, huge red flag.

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Very obvious that she is much more than a friend. Who calls at 3am? As far as the naked pictures go, unless he is an artist or painter he has no business having some other girl's naked pictures. Besides, why hide it from you if there is nothing fishy about it....guys might have naked pictures of pornstars or playboy models, but never a close friend...

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definitely not normal. why would he have naked pictures of her in hte first place? that's so weird... i haven't heard of guy's keeping naked pics of their female friends. That's news to me. You might as well keep naked pics of your good guy friends to be fair ( tell him that).

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I wouldn't confront him about it, it will only give him the opportunity to "explain" and quite frankly there is no explanation. Plus it will make things even more awkward and uncomforable than they already are. I would just leave him and just tell him you're not "into" him anymore. One mistake ppl always make is feeling they owe someone a detailed, honest explanation for why they are breaking up with them. Heck, I used to make the same mistake myself.


I can tell you what will happen if you try to talk to him about it. He will say it's no big deal and charm you into giving him another chance. Try to convince you that things are not as bad as they seem. Only, the problems will only get worse from there, your doubts and concerns will only grow and you will think of him differently from that point on, and always be suspicious. So why put yourself and even him through that? Let him be happy and go find someone who doesn't care if he has naked picture of his friends, sister (LOL), or whoever. His weirdness need not be YOUR problem anymore and I wouldn't recommend staying in a dysfunctional relationship because it will make YOU disfunctional. Get out now!

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