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I would do anything possible to get her back

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the story is...i met a girl on the internet while i was with my gf. i didnt have any real interests in this girl other than as a friend. so one night i decided to ask her out not on a date but as friends with a big group of my friends. nothing happened but when my gf found out she thought the opposite so she called a break between us that was supposed to only last a week. during this 'break' i was very very angry at my gf because i knew deep in my heart that i didnt have feelings for this girl. i was soo mad that for some stupid reason i asked her to do something with me again...and agina nothing happened between us. this girl apparently likes me now and is spreading rumors to try and break me and my girlfriend up. my gf is actually believing the things this girl says and called the relationship off for good. she wont talk to me, i try to call and she hangs up on me. when i do get a chance to talk to her she yells at me and is very mad at me still after two weeks that it happened.she says she just wants her space but to me it seems like things arent going to get better. she wont listen to my side of the story wont believe a word that i say and she says she doesnt know if she still loves me. i love her with every bit of my heart and i hate the other girl with a passion now....

will someone please help me...should i leave her alone and see what plays out like she wants me to do...or should i follow my heart when it tells me to try with everything i have to make things rite between us even if it means me calling when she doesnt want to...i am soo heartbroken rite now and confused...i dont kno what to do but i want things to get better between us...i love her with more than anything but she doesnt give me a chance to prove it...WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?....ive tried everything but still no response from her

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Well....whether you DID anything with the other girl or not is beside the point. The fact is you broke your g/f's trust by going behind her back with someone else.If you had no inention of doing anything with her then why didn;t you tell your g/f? Sorry but that sounds supspicious to me....THEN you did it AGAIN out of spite.


That is very disrepsectful IMO.


Yes, you want to apologize and get her back...or tell your "side" of the story..but the fact is you already lied to her TWICE. What makes you think she should believe you now??

Put yourself in HER shoes here.


I think you need to leave her alone. If you REALLY want to make things right..respect her.


Sorry thats not what you want to hear.Just my opinion.

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why did you met a girl on the net? asking the girl out to join a group is not good b/c your gf didn't even know about her. It looks very bad. Are there other problems in your relationship? I think you lost her trust though.



write a letter and slip it under her door, and apologize like mad and explain that this girl is lying and tell yourside of the story. Block that other girl , don't talk to her or yell at her for spreading rumours and such, then block her haha ( SAVE THE CONVERSATION SO YOU CAN USE IT AS EVIDENCE TO SHOW YOUR EX-GF or something). If she spread stuff, correct the situation when you have hte chance to speak up. If you do get a chance to speak to your ex, ask her why she would believe the rumour of a stranger?


Try txting her too? she'll receive it for sure.


But what you did was not good at all


Good luck

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