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I just got to talk to my fiance and he sounded soooo much better than the first two times I talked to him. And thanks for the advice about letting him rest, because he thanked me for not calling and letting him get his rest. He said he knew that I was thinking about him but that it was hard to get to the phone and even harder to talk so it was good that I let him call me. We actually had a conversation for the first time since the accident and I feel so much better... he's going to be ok. I don't know whats going to happen with the army, or the wedding, or anything but I know that he's going to live and be ok and thats the most important thing right now. I told him I'd be down there to see him in a week and he was very happy about that too. Just wanted to give you guys an update. Thanks for all the replys to my posts, all the messages, and all the prayers. They're working! I'm so glad that we're getting through this, and when this whole thing is all over we will only be stronger as a couple. When things like this happen it only draws you closer to one another. I truly never realized how much I loved this man until he almost got taken from me. Thanks again guys, I wouldn't have made it through this without you guys.

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Happy things are working out.

It seems like we've seen this relationship almost from the beginning, and it's quite a saga! My parents had similar struggles getting started since th Navy kept my father overseas so much. It made them stronger in many ways.

You're cool.

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well, the good thing is he won't be sent away for a long time, if at all due to his injuries. I won't have to worry about him being hurt overseas. He got very lucky in this, and I believe had an angel looking out for him. I always have thought that everything happens for a reason, not excluding this horrible ordeal. And I also think that hard times bring you closer to the ones you love. I'm just getting a small taste of what military life will be like and what it means to be a military wife. It's going to be a long hard road, but worth every second of it. Thanks again for all your kind words and prayers.

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