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Guys that are attracted to "promiscuous girls"....

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Since I'm very conservative, I've always thought that guys were turned off by "slutty" girls, and would never want to touch them with a ten-foot pole... well, obviously some guys have gotta be touching them, or how else would they become "slutty" in the first place, right? Anyway, I still always thought that guys would chose a not-so-promiscuous girl over a promiscuous one. But recently, I became very close to a girl that essentially "gets around" and even though she's not very pretty, slightly overweight, and acts like a guy sometimes, the guys keep coming around her. Now is it that she lets off some sort of "hoochie hormone"that I don't know about, or is it because guys hear that she's easy and think they can get some (but if that's the case, do they have no quality standards?).


It makes me wonder if I need to kinda let loose and become a bit of a hooch to get guys interested in me nowadays.


Why are you guys attracted to those type of girls?

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why would you want to become a hoochiiee!!!!!!!!!

you should respect yourself and your body. you shouldnt pretend to be something that your not. guys who like the hochie girls are only looking for one thing, sex. do you want to be used and thrown around to guy to guy? o really hope not!

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Sometimes, its the confidence, or the appearance thereof, that guys are attracted to, not the hoochiness per se. I know I havea bad habit of falling for girls who often have more experience than I am comfortable with because they seem confident, and arent afraid of playing along with my lame attempts at flirtation. If the shy girls would just give me a sign that they were interested, I would be there in a second! Honestly, guys want a girl who knows who she is, and is willing to meet you half way in the risk department. Yes, some guys are just looking for the easy lay, but the apparently 'good' ones sometimes just go for what seems to be a someone who isnt afraid. I dont know if that makes any sense....

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Men like sex. If a woman is confident and comfortable with her sexuality then yes this is very attractive.


A "promisuous" girl might simply enjoy the company of men, which is good, men also enjoy the company of women.


I don't think the term "slutty" is a fair assertion, I think it is wrong to call a girl a * * * *. If she wants to have sex with a man at a particular point, then it is her chosing and her right. There should not be any shame attached to chosing your partners. You enjoy the right to chose, not just to chose who with, but also how many.


She is probably relaxed around men, is approachable, approaches men in her own turn and doesn't take the whole thing to seriously. That is, she knows she wants to be with men - so she does it. I'd have thought it is fairly obvious that if you make yourself available, so to speak, then of course you'll attract some attention.


I'm not sure if what you were getting at is if men chose less conservative women to be their girlfriends or not. But, I don't think that what you described comes into it at all (unless she is anti social). There are a great many more charecteristics that we will look at before deciding that shes " keeper "


What those charecteristics are - thats the million dollar question

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Just to even the field a bit here:


*perhaps what you consider 'hoochie' or promiscuous others perceive as just fine


*some promiscuous girls have great hearts, personalities, brains. So the rest may not be such an issue, especially if a person is not looking for a commited relationship or likes the challenge of a girl who gets around


*guys like sex. also, guys like fun and excitement. sometimes this is the appeal.


.....But don't you worry or go changing who you are! Are you kidding. There are so many men out there looking for a more conservative good woman who can be their #1.

You'll find him.

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Promiscious Girls... 'hoochies' if you will, attract guys of a similar type 'hoochie guys'. People who go with each other for the convenience of sex. I knew guys in my first year at uni who went with easy girls just for sex, even if they weren't attracted to them (saying afterwards how they shagged a minger last night). I see this a sex for it's own sake, totally removed from ideas of love or even physical attraction. Unless this is all you want then becoming a hooch isn't really going to be for you... most guys won't want a relationship with such a girl, and even the hoochie guys, when they finish being promiscuous and decide they want a relationship, won't want one with a girl who is known as the 'village bike' to put it mildly.

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