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22 hour Fasting - I'm Cold Already! Why?

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From time to time I indulge in fasting of 24-72 hours in duration as I have so many food issues I find it easier sometimes just to go on a fast so I don't have to police everything I eat and sob about my obscene body.


Obviously, when one fasts, the metabolic process slows down and I suppose this could extend to temperature...but after 22 hours? This seems a very rapid response on my body's part - why does fasting make me feel so cold?


*Pulls On Another Layer Of Clothing*


Any thoughts?

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Obviously your body is telling you something. STOP THE FAST! I know people who fast to "cleanse" once in awhile. However you have to prepare your body for the fast. Have you done that? Meaning do you take vitamins? What do you eat all the time? What is your purpose for fasting? Is it health wise or is it for weight reasons?


I would say stop right now.

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I don't think the cold you're feeling is a result of the fasting, especially since you've done it before and haven't felt cold, I assume, until a lot later, if at all. Also, I doubt you have an obscene body No one can really feel perfectly content with how they look...


EDIT: In any case I think you should stop fasting, at least this time, you don't want to damage your health.

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Please do not fast like this, it's terrible for your body. Your homeostasis is completely disturbed. Why are you doing this? If you want to lose weight, this is the wrong way and will lead to binge-purge eating disorders. I lost 40lbs in the last 6months, and I would be happy to share how with food I ate and exercise programs I followed. It's best to do it in a healthy way. Is it to lose weight?

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I can eat normally if I distract myself from food AND I'm having a good day (not that often).


If not, I binge and it's only through the grace of God and my regular exercise regime that I maintain a healthy weight.


I exist mainly on rubbish but in healthy form - for example, lowfat popcorn, thin crust vegetable pizza, diet not regular soda....you get the idea. It's a modified Junk Food Diet really. Often, I'll binge and take my calorie intake up to 2500+ a day. a DAY...how disgusting.


Had enough of 4 years of eating disorder rubbish...argh. Excuse the Ranting.


I take vitamins when I feel its worth it... 75% of the time?

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I once lost around 40lbs too, healthily, when I was about 15...THEN I got an eating disorder!


It is to lose weight but


a) Im not overweight


b) Its just to hurt myself as a form of self harm, if I wanted to lose weigt properly I know all too well what to do RE healthy eating/exercise...I have A Problem.


Thanks for all replies

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I was raised on fast food for 24 yrs of my life, well, not when I was a baby, but you get the idea. All I ate was McDonald's, Jack in the box, junk food all the way, and I stayed very thin about 105lbs, until all of the sudden, I packed on weight to 155, all in the course of 1 yr. Those foods you are eating are not healthy, it's best to change your diet around, and weight loss will be easy. When you binge and purge try to eat healthier foods, like fruits, vegatables, multi-grain bread, etc. Have you been treated in counseling for your eating disorder? That's a good first step.

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Why do you want to hurt youself? What exactly is upsetting you. I had a roommate with a binge-purge lifestyle and she overcame it, but it was really hard. She would hate how we talked about food at the table, so we had to work with her to get past it. There are support groups like alchoholics anonymous but for eating disorders that really help.

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You need to learn how to love yourself.


Because if you loved yourself you would accept yourself for who you are and you could say, im damn satisfied with the way i look, and i don't give a damn what other people think about me looks.


Your body is a precious gift and basically not the problem. You have annorexia and need psychiatric help. FAST!

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Can I ask you a question? Why is it you post on something that you know will get the responses your not really looking for? I know you are an intelligent gal you just have some issues as we all do here. You have problems with food and this is known but why post something like this and finish it up with "this is a form of self harm." Do you really dislike your life and yourself that much?


I hope that you care a little about yourself to at least nourish your body. There are many out there right now who wish they had a healthy body on their side or even food to eat. Open the paper and you will see that deprevaty. Take care of you! Mind, body, and soul.

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Psychiatrists and counsellors make me weep...I've been through the mill for depression, bipolar disorder, high-functioning autism.... eating problems are my pet poison and chosen form of self harm and I don't see the point where I want to recover.



I know as much as anyone who isn't a nutritionist knows about food, healthy eating etc. My mother gave us a pretty healthy diet, and doesn't like junk food in the house - she has a good outlook on food, I'd say.


However, I hate myself too much to implement the good knowledge I have, and my mother just lets me do whatever RE food as she knows to pick her battles and it's not worth trying to get me to eat normally, I just won't do it.


Just curious about why I was cold. I appreciate your replies.


BMI 22, Weight 138lbs at 5ft 7ins.


Im posting for attention because Im having a very bad day..?

Yes, I DO dislike myself this much to behave like a total jerk

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Is it the attention you are craving? Because if you really didnt give a flip about what anyone said you would keep this all to yourself. Instead you are announcing it as to say "Hey look at me I hate myself and look at the crappy things I can do to my body and still live to tell about it."


Come on ALS is this the way you want to live your life? It will really make for one long and painful one.

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I regularly have to do 24-48 hour fasts in preparation for all of the colon testing that I have been having done, and I don't know why, but about 15-20 hours in I do get frequently cold to the point I shiver... and I live in Texas.


I know that helps you none at all, but I will try to research it and give you an actual answer besides "me too!".

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You are cold because you have lost so much adipose tissue (fat cells) and because of that, you lack insulation, hence being cold (hypothermia). As a result, the body develops a light coating of fur on the body, to retain whatever little body warmth it can. I know this can be scary, because you feel scared and alone deep down, but it is definitely something you can get past. My roommate who did the same thing as you ended up being very successful, a rhodes scholar, and very happy with her life, but it took work and determination. She really toughed it out and trust me I watched her through the process. You can do this if you ALS want to, you are the source of your wisdom and strength.


Check this site for eating disorder referrals:

link removed

Please go to group therapy.

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I tried to look up some information on body temperature during fasting, couldn't find anything on *humans* but it seems like it has noticeable effects on other animals. Maybe you've eaten less than you thought you had prior to beginning the fasting, so it's had the equivelant effect of fasting for a longer period of time, on your body temperature.


Again, I think you should eat at least a little bit, something that your body can burn for fuel fairly quickly, you might get sick otherwise if you try to keep it up, and I hope that doesn't happen.

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Anti-Love - when you fast - you do you not eat or drink anything the entire time?

You should at least drink something every 24 hours like a cup of green tea - that is supposed to be very good for you.


Your weight sounds ideal! You are not overweight at all! I am also 5'7" and rarely can I stay at 138 so lots of kudos to you!


Good luck and dont be so hard on yourself...

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Girl, stop the fasting. It's no use. Your cold because you need food and it's like 15 C in our part of the world. It's not a healthy way to lose weight-- and you don't NEED to lose weight imo. Are you scared a form of a diet will lead more easily into an eating disorder? Or do you fast to balance out binging?


Start out by some toast and a cup of tea with sugar, and later on some lowfat yoghurt.




Btw, I have a fast metabolism and will get cold if I don't have dinner on time-- even if I have eaten properly for the whole day. I can even feel weak and cold before I actually notice an empty stomach- I don't think it's an uncommon thing, but I wouldn't recommend experimenting like this.

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It's alright! I have been saved by my own weakness basically, after 24 hours I caved and binged 4,000kcal in 1 hr.


Bizarrely, right on the hour, I could just STOP, just *like that*. How strange.


Shaaammeee. Im gonna go do me a 2 hour walk then try and wake up sane tomorrow, wish me luck.


Thank you for putting up with me in hour of madness. This is clearly the result of being left alone by myself in a country house for 3 days, isn't it? Yeah

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I had anorexia in my 20's and it took years to recover. It is a terrible thing to want to harm yourself and deprive yourself of feeling good. Something must have made you feel that you don't deserve to feel good. When you start to be gentle with yourself and look after yourself you can discover so much beauty hidden inside that needs to come out.

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Thank you for putting up with me in hour of madness. This is clearly the result of being left alone by myself in a country house for 3 days, isn't it? Yeah


Would calling a friend up or talking to one online have helped? If you're getting lonely or bored and talking to someone would make you feel better or distract you, then you should consider it

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Nothing you write said "help me stop this" actually did it? You don't want us to help you -you are happy where you are I think?


There's nothing I can do- I can't say "don't fast it will hurt you". Or make you feek better about yourself. The whole point of your thread seems to have been to get our attention while you continue to damage yourself. I don't know what to say. err...... I hate myself too- you're not alone? does that help?


I think you are feeling very sorry for yourself. It's normal but a bit pointless. Give yourself a break.

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