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  1. Enveloped in a robe of dark water Cold black below Slowly into the darkness Searching the mystery The bitter cold paralyzes Confusion of mind The light Splash, Gasp Nana
  2. Its not to get, I know what it means you make it mean whatever you like.
  3. More of a little ditty than a poem. The calendar states that today was the day, I went on a treasure hunt and I must say. I had hope and I had the power, I ignored the nay sayers and went within the hour. I got to the X that supposedly marks the spot, no gold did I find and nothing too hot. I found a useless tool that was broke and with scars, I look back now and thank my lucky stars.
  4. sb I really like this ALOT!! I especially like the line "my bones cry out for you."
  5. Perhaps Tess feels that way sitting on that bench writing in the journal? That's exactly where I pictured that poem. Its great to see your work
  6. I think Raymond would have liked that one. ;-)
  7. The images you evoke with your poem are incredible. Keep up that writing.
  8. Somebloke, the imagery your poem evoked in my mind is just wonderful. This poem is absolutely beautiful.
  9. Well first off you are not a bad person. Secondly, are your friends just very over commited? With kids functions and/or sports, running a household, etc? I have felt the same as you at times but you just have to do things you enjoy. In doing that you run into those who you share a common bond with and hence new friendships can start. Its harder to make friends as we get older but it can be done. Don't give up and don't get down on yourself. I would say don't give more to the friendship than what the other can or is willing to give. It will only leave you upset with dissappointing expectations. Good luck.
  10. I have had that situation and you know what? The people I was getting advice from on here told me to move on. It wasnt worth my time to think of it anymore.That my person made his choice and to move on from that and live my life. It sucked and hurt and I wanted MY closure. I got that closure by giving it to myself. It would not have made a difference if he told me what it was to make him scurry. I would only have tried to figure it out even more. Its an endless question that goes on and on and on. TRQ I am sorry that this guy wasn't a man to give you the proper good bye or farewell. I have learned that people do the best with what they have. That was the best he could do in that moment. It was not the choice you or I would have made but we are not them. It shows us that would we really want to be with someone that could only so much as email and then never to be heard from again. How would they react when the issues became more pressing? TRQ let this man stick his head in the sand if that is the way he must cope. You stick your head up high and into the sun my dear.
  11. I don't know so much for dating the baseball player but open up the possiblity that your Mr Something Special may be right in your own backyard. I can't stress enough I know how you are feeling and thinking. That you have this amazing connection with someone and created a bond. The thing is until you meet them face to face and see how they conduct themselves that is the only true marker you have on the type person they REALLY are. No one is saying dump him, we are all trying to point out things that right now your not really focusing on. Like i mentioned before if he came out and hated it. If he was having a rough time, or even missed his own environment he will always throw it in your face. He will always bring up that he moved out there for you. That is what I am afraid of for you that in time he may start to resent you. There are opportunities all around for you guys to meet up. Even if you both drove to an in between point. It would be so worth it.
  12. Sweets, I know I know. I really empathize with you. My person said he would never treat me badly, and the way he ended it I felt like a 2 bit hooker. I too let my guard down and trusted. I know next time to really get to know someone before doing that again. You know what though? I went through my hurt and frustration and I came out stronger. TRQ you are strong I can see it in your writings and your pics. Don't let this foolish young man have you sitting on the edge of reasoning. Take the hand of pride and raise up on to the higher ground and walk strong and tall sister!
  13. TRQ I was where you were. I couldn't for the life of me understand what happened? I was utterly at a loss. Everything was fine one day and then *poof* all that was gone. I realized that the reason doesn't really matter anymore. I will never understand and I don't want to waste anymore of my time on it anymore. We were mismatched and at the time I couldnt see it but in retrospect I see it all to clearly. I think what was the hardest was the sadness of the what could have been. I agree with SB pick yourself up, gather up your dignity, and walk proud. You know you tried and you were open. It was he who was one who was not open and if he really would have tried it wouldn't have been behind the guise of an email. I hate this saying it is so cliche but "It's his loss and its one step closer to the one who is meant for you."
  14. Yvette I do understand. I never got to the love stage but even to go visit people were telling me to be cautious. I flew accross the country from the West coast to the East coast. My plane ticket was $398. The bus is alot cheaper, or he could look online to see if anyone is driving to Cali and he can go along and help pay for gas. Sometimes Craigslist has those type ads. Hypothetically, if I would have up and moved everything to be by my guy look where I would be. Stuck in a city I know nothing or no one in. When I went out there I mentioned i would move out there. That never materialized and looking back now that I am out of the haze everything worked the way it was suppoosed to. Your b/f doesn't seem to want to come up with solutions to his money situation or motivated at all. He may be a very nice guy and you may have something but like another poster said that puts a HUGE responsibility and burden on you. If he hates it there or gets mad at you, you will always be blamed for him moving out there. Also as Annie mentioned hostels are a great way to save money for a room. If things are meant to work they will but right now you shouldn't skimp on your time either. I say go and see what possibilities you may have with the baseball player. Remember dont let anyone hold you back from your dreams and needs.
  15. I have been observing from the sideline and I had to jump in. Yvette I know you think that this guy is it. Let me tell you a story I have experience with this. I met someone on this site. We talked and found we had so much in common and that we both started to really like each other. I thought he was like no one I had ever known before. I was infatuated with him and thought he could possibly be b/f material. I took the leap. I traveled 3000 miles to meet this person. It was a great 5 days. We clicked, laughed, had a great time. Then when I left to come back home the whole thing turned upside down. He got scared and ran for the hills. He wasnt even a man about it, he actually was like a teenage boy and avoiding the situation. I was devastated, I thought what the heck happened? We clicked, connected, everything. Now everything was over just like that. I replayed so much in my head and realized that there were things I could never have known by just talking to him on the phone. I saw his actions and how he handles things. I saw a temper that was explosive for the most inane thing, I saw that he was someone who can't relax, I saw someone who would always pick the boys over his g/f. My point of the story is I realized all this by seeing his actions and not only going by his words. Moving is such a BIG commitment and if he were out there and you saw actions you didnt like what would you do? You would not want to be with him. He on the other hand would be stuck, moving out there and leaving all that he knows for a chance on a dream. As ALS stated alot of red flags have already been posted. The OCD, the first g/f, his lack of ambition, etc. This is not good for you my dear not at all. I agree with what Annie has stated and I would follow Dako's advice. Get the plane ticket, if you can't afford that then check the buses or the trains. It is imperative you meet first before making this HUGE leap. Please Yvette for your own sake look at this from the other side of the coin. You are far too young and attractive to waste your time with a cyber b/f.
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