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ok heres my story, so a year or so ago i had a Long distance GF who i loved very much and she likewise. But we broke up due to the long distance was killing us emotionaly and thouhgt it would be better good friends, and now its been about 8 months scine ive done anything with a girl. As from my past post on similar girl truble u can see ive been trying. But ive come up empty till now, and im regreting it big time. I have a small atraction to a girl in my school, and as always my other friends that are girls are basicaly killing me to tell them, i do and words get to the girl i like and she is as quoted from my friend " she seemed excited when i told her, and she was blushing a little bit" I take it the girl i like has a small atraction to me too. First problem) the long distance GF which i fall back in love with everytime i see her, ill be seeing her again in a few months. and then the summer will (as always for me) produces some happy summer flings. All my friend are totaly getting into this lil "atraction" me and this girl have and is starting to get outa hand. people have already been saying im going to ask her out (which i have not said to anyone) and is starting to bug me. So basicaly what im asking is should i go for it (with valintines day aproaching and make it a good time to do so) or back off, and act as though nothing has really started and was just a few day thing???


P.S. the long distance gf is from what i know, has the same type of feeling towards me when she sees me again if that helps at all. Also the girl i like now has never dated before which is anoying sumtimes, and from feedbaq from my friends she sais " She doesnt know if it will be aquaward and will not work out"



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A few things:


1. If you and this long distance girl keep the distance, then there's always gonna be that emotional pressure. While you two are in love when your around eachother, if it tears you both apart when your away, and you two are still gonna end up away, then there's little you can do about that.


2. I don't know how old you are or what grade your in, but high school is short mate, live it up. If you like this girl at all or think things could work, then go for it, unless your gonna spend the whole time thinking about the long distance girl, in which case you should get some plane tickets and do something totally of the wall, lol. But life is short, don't spend it looking back, spend it looking forward.


That's just my outlook, hope it helps...


- xguardianofdrx -

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1. With this long distance girl, the long distance is always going to be a problem. Somehow you are going to have to decide just what you want. If you want to be together, stay together. If the distance is to much, resist the urge to get back together. The back and forth relationship isn't healthy for either of you and will prevent you from moving on and having other, real relationships. Which brings me to....


2. You are already planning on having summer "flings." That would seem to say that you aren't really interested in something serious and just want to play. Is it really fair to ask this other girl out when you won't be able to make a full commitment into making it work, as you are already positive that you'll be seeing other girls in the summer?

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