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How do I know for sure if he is really into me?

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OK so those of you who follow my topics know that I am presently seeing someone....now we have had sexual problems..although this person won't admit to that...now I have tried talking to him how at times I feel ignored in that area..but that he has been sweet to me and tends to show me affection..He also says he loves me...but sometimes I am just not sure how deep his love is for me. I told him that I think this is a problem because I can't help but feel that he is selfish in that I should just be happy with what he shows me...but I can't help but feel like I am on the sidelines just waiting for him to show me those little points of effection...I am 32 and getter older and feel depressed becasue of this...if we break up I almost feel like I won't be able to find anyone else..I am very nervous about being alone..and I don't know what to do...we spoke about this..and at times he just gets frustrated with me..and acts like he can just easily do away with us....I have to admit I have been easily manipulated before...it is in my nature to have compassion for people...but I can't help but think that I am this bobble who just nods her head to him...its hard to really point out whats wrong becasue when he shows his sweet side...it is nice...but it is almost as thohgh he treats us like we have been going out for years ..when it is only 7 months or so....can someone please help me understand whats going on?

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Well it sound like you are not very happy right now in this relationship but only you can decide when its time to let go, you cant fix whats wrong in the relationship on your own he has to meet you half way and if he is not whilling to do that then you have to decide whats best for you sometimes its ok to be a little selfish becasue you also have to look out for yourself your happiness and well being and you should always feel that you deserve the best when you give your best, and you dont nesserally need someone to give you the best we sometimes have to do it ourselves for ourselves. Good luck I hope i was of some help.

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What I might sugggest is looking at yourself a bit closer first. Are you sure it isn't your own insecurities that is making you doubt how he feels about you? Sometimes a "gut" feeling is really important in figuring out where things are going, but, if you have been hurt in the past, it is easy to jump to conclusions about how someone is.


I would say look at the way he treats you, anyone can say "Words' of love,etc,etc.. but, in the end, what matters is how they treat you. Is he interested in you life, does he try to help you along, does he care about you.


I am saying this because I am sort of on the other side. As a guy, the girl that I was dating got the sense that I wasn't too much into her. To be honest, I was sort of afraid because she seemed like such a great girl in many respects and I wasn't sure how close I wanted to get to her! But, she basically told me she wanted to back off things for a while and I said "okay' at the time. But, now that I have had time to reflect, I realize that I do want to give the relationship more of a chance (I was cautious with respect to moving things too fast, physically,etc... and I think that also got her thinking I wasn't attracted to her)

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