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Have you ever had a day that you were feeling so blue. I am feeling that way today. I don't know why it is although I do believe it is because I am missing my ex-boyfriend. It's strange...I don't get why I miss him so much since he deeply hurt me. And although I was also vindictive with him just reacting out of pure anger at the time...I always felt that he and I had a deep connection. We enjoyed each others company so much when we were together..I am still finding myself still angry and hurt at times when i think about us only because I don't get why he felt the need to ruin it. He has finally stopped calling me and I thought that that is what I wanted..so that I could move on..but here I am thinking about him and wondering if my pride supercedes my love. Is that right? What if we were meant to be despite of all of the pain? Sometimes I wonder if we were suppose to go through all of these turbulations so that we could learn and in the end we would have a peaceful relationship. I wish he would call me. I know that's crazy but why am I feeling this way?

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I bet most people who have been in a serious relationship can relate to having had these feelings at some point, even those who ended it. I find sometimes if you are feeling low about something else e.g. work it brings back these feelings and you tend to look back on the relationship as being a source of comfort which you no longer have. Perhaps there are other reasons why you feel down?

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thanks for the advice. Yes I have mentioned this guy before on the forums. I guess I am feeling this way because I am not completely happy with my life presently. and although I should count my blessings for the things I have..I am feeling down and out with everyone getting married aorund me..and basically just tired of hearing about everyone's lives changing..and yet my seems stagnant. People always say I am lucky actually that I am not married..and then also think it's great that I have this nice apartment and I live down the road from my job which makes an awesome commute...but my love life is so so...nothing really exciting...and I feel stuck...I hate to think about my x becasue it makes me feel weak...but those good times with him make me miss him...which then tends to make me forget about the bad times...I don't know what to do about my feelings...I wish I had better mind control over my emotions...

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