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skin on lips....

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okay, ive had dry chapped lips for long time. and what happens is, throughout the week the skin will start to heal but then it will eventually come off again. it will keep growing but not stick to the lip then just come off. its a cycle that keeps going. it gets so uncomfortable that i'll just have to bite it off anyway. i used to lick my lips alot, like constantly, so im guessing that is what started all of this. so ive been putting an effort not to lick them anymore. and ive been putting that aloe jell stuff on throughout the day. but again today the skin is starting to break up and come off again. if i drink something the skin soaks it up and makes it worse. and when i eat same thing happens. anyone know * * * to do?

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I used to have similar issues, then began using the little jars of stuff found in drugstores, like Lip Medex and DCT (Daily Conditioning Treatment) both by Blistex or just plain Blistex or a Chapstick. I kept putting stuff on my lips a lot, and things improved.


When they are bad, Lip Medex and Blistex. When in decent shape DCT or Chapstick.

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I also agree with Beec's and darkblue's recommendations. Another good thing which I use on my lips (at night before I go to bed) is AquaPhor...it comes in a large white jar with blue cap. You can buy it at the pharmacy or on the shelf at a regular supermarket. It's terrific stuff. It gets me through the winter time.


Hope this helps.


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yeah tonight i bit it off again...was out for dinner with friends...the damn feeling makes you so nervous, wow. so im back to where i started. but yeah i'll start drinking more water. i know i dont drink nearly as much as i should during the day. as for the pop and whatever i dont eat/drink that crap. argghh

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