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Double Majors & Minors

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At this current point in time I am pursuing a major in Psychology but its been recommended that with a Psychology major to either pursue a Double Major or up to two Minors.


One question that I haven't really been able to get a clear cut answer on, what is the value of a minor? I'm sure it varies from minor to minor, but what is the purpose of it paired with your major or is it a stand alone type?


The reason I ask is because if I double major or have up two minors, I'd like something different from Psychology incase it doesn't work out.


They already have "premade packages" for double majors with Psychology plus one of the following: Law, Education, Philosophy, Sociology, etc... with which you can cut credits by credit sharing in the double dipping as they call it. I know a couple individuals which are double majoring but even their own go hand in hand to some extent. (Medicine/ Spanish Translation, Agriculture/Animal Sciences, History/Education).


I've read the University's website but unless I'm overlooking it, I've little information, I guess what I'm asking is, what are common policies on Double Majoring?

Do you always have to have something that goes in hand?

Or is it just so much more work and time to get two opposite end majors that most won't pursue it?

Everyone I know with Double Majors are doing so because it is of interest BUT they can cut credits somewhere to the point they can be considered hand in hand majors.


Most majors which allow only minors within that same branch state it bluntly so(Example being with Architecture majors, on the website it states that you have to minor within an Architecture related subject).


Psychology doesn't have anything of that nature. It just states that Double Major to Second Minor is recommended. When I've talked to people no one seems to have a clue its just like they're repeating off the website, its like pulling teeth for information at times to get information from the University.


Any input would be helpful. I have a feeling I'm going to end up contacting a counselor again anyhow, but anything would be appreciated at this point from those which have completed minors and double majors.

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Well it is different from school to school.


I have a Sociology Major, and a Religious Studies minor. I can't really say what the value of a minor is, that's a hard question to answer. Mine has taught me about different religions and I feel like I will be more culturally sensitive when I go travelling.


We have very few prepackaged double majors at my school. Most people I know who have done double majors did it because they wanted to strengthen their degree, or because they had a strong interest in two subjects. Usually at my school it will take a bit longer than the standard 4 years to complete all the requirements for a double major, unless you make the decision very early on in your degree. Also you will have less electives in other courses, which can be a turn off if you want a well rounded education.


At least at my school you don't always have to have something that goes hand in hand. I know people who have taken a wide variety of double majors, however again I think it will vary depending on the university.


Your best bet is to talk to a counselor about how long it will take to complete everything for a double major or what your options are there. If you do a double major though make sure you choose something else that you love, I think that is key as you probably won't have much room for option courses.

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If you have decided which niche of psychology you want to have a career in, ask a professional who is already in your desired career for advice on what THEY would do.


You get places effeciently by asking those who have already encountered similar situations as yourself. This is what I call, learning things "the easy way." The "hard way" would be learning on your own. Why not make your life easier by asking someone for directions who has already walked down the path you're on?

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Thanks all. The replies have been very helpful.


I do believe once I can get ahold of people again (most are on vacation up until the 2nd or 3rd of January) I'll be asking around. The counselors should be able to help here, I have a better idea of what to ask now too when I approach the question of Double Majors and Minors. If I can find one of the Psychology professors on their free time, may be well worth asking them too about the College system but I don't believe a single one has graduated in this state. Just employed and resided here after graduation, but still see what I can get.


Again, Thankyou.

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I wouldn't necessarily put all my trust into a counselor. In fact, my last resort is a counselor - I like doing things myself. I had a counselor who wanted me to complete 19 units in 2 semesters. Why? I have no idea. My guess is that he wanted more money for the university, since they charged per semester. I ended up doing it in one semester and couldn't have been happier. Ever since then, I learned that some counselors don't always act in your best interest.


Counselors do have knowledge, but people in the field you want to go in have even more. Why? Because they've walked the same path you're walking right now and know how to get there. Good luck.

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