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  1. Unfortunately, in most cases it seems when religion becomes more important than the partner, it will take a lot of effort and perhaps be fruitless in the end. So many people are concerned about what others believe about them before thinking of their own well being. I just don't know how many people I've came accross who would say things like "I thought we were soulmates, but religious differences made me end it," "I loved her but my parents would never allow this," "We got married after all but have no family support, they disowned us," So needless to say, it is a controversy, I'
  2. As of recent I've came to the decision that I would like to open myself up to the dating scene but I'm having a problem which I'm thinking is limiting at the least. Recently I've been in cities and places locally which are at least to some degree welcoming of the GLBT community. I, on one occasion, had a woman come up and very openly flirt with me and she was a lesbian. On another case the women didn't put out her orientation but I'm pretty much making the assumption she was. There have been several other women I've just socialized which were out, just platonic. Kind of acquaintances. Ye
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