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Calling all men, I have a question for you

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Hey guys, I was wondering if breasts are more attractive when they are a certain size, shape, or have a certain nipple placement??? Does anyone have any input? Please explain what you like. Or, are some guys totally oblivious to it and don't care what the breasts look like as long as they're breasts. OK. Thanks

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the rounder the better in my opinion, nice spherical boobs a little bigger than my hands that are nice and firm and have cute little pink nipples would be ideal. My gf has in her words: "the boobs of a 12 year old", but in my perspective, boobs are boobs. I like her boobs even if they arent perfect.


Same as butts though, i like female butts to be as round and equally proportional as possible and firm.

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Aiight since no one else is going to say it. I have a preference as to what I feel is attractive as far as breasts go, small arreolas; firm breasts, symmetrical nipple placement, nice nipples and they should fit the body. Obviously there are exceptions to the rule but in a general sense I would say quality over quantity as far as breasts are concerned.

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ok here is how i find if i like someone breats


i get a ruler and measure from one side of a breast to the other..then if that is between 10 and 17cm then they are the right size for me


i also the measure the diameter of the nipple and a good size i like is 1cm that is a good size


i like the breast to be same the same shape as a tennis ball, inbetween a tennis ball and small soccer ball is a good size


to find this i use a tennis ball and compare each breat to the tennis ball to see if this breat are good for me


i also like the berats to be of a firm texture not saggy i like them to be firm like a marshmellow also ilike them to be the same size on each side


one more thing i like is the gap between the breats can not be too big, i would rather have them too close than too far apart. i find a good gauge on this is how well ur penis fits inbetween the breats. that is what i think is the perfect width between then about 1.5 to 2 inch



hope tha helps

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Is this asking how shallow posters on this forum are?

Conclusive answer.


Definite answers for this are out of the question. I have a preference; but I could find the perfect breasts on a girl that I'm not attracted to.


Or I could find the opposite of my preference on a girl that I'm in love with and it wouldn't matter.

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