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What's the protocall here ?

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First off, I wasn't sure what "section" this goes under. So if its wrong, I apologise.


Okay heres the situation.

Just a little background info on myself, I am 21, Still very new to this dating stuff. I was a very introverted person up until 3 months ago when I was almost killed, It was kinda a life changing event. Everyone discribes me along the lines of "Big, Smart, Happy-Guy" (That "big" part kinda changed since I lost 40Lbs in May).


Anywho, Situation: It was 2 weeks ago, My buddies and I were finishing up a night out - We went to the usuall place (Perkins) to get some food at 2:30-3am. Our waitress was new, However she did go to the same school as me and I vaugley remember her. She was class of 2004 (I am 2002). She was flirting with me (as near as I can tell ) so after my buddy and I were done eating and we paid my buddy (who was driving) went out to the car. I stayed back and got a muffin(for the morning) and asked her out. A (seemingly happy) "yes" followed by an exchange of phone numbers. A short conversation then occoured, basically her hour sucked for this until Monday the 25(today), "So, Give me[her] a call Sunday". I thought that was simple enough.

Fast forward to Sunday. Since she works late (10pm-5am) and didn't indicate a good time to call I thought "later is better than earlier". I called her around 7pm, Got her voice mail (it was hers). Maybe this is where I possibly screwed up, I left a message, Somthing to the effect of "Hi, Sara. This is Rich. Just giving you a call about tomorrow. If you could give me a call back that would be great, if not, I'll give you another call in a few hours." So, 9:30pm rolls around (I would have waited longer but i was going to a Beer-B-Q at 10pm)and I call her again, I get her voice mail again. I don't leave a message this time. I go-out (keep my phone on just-in-case she calls) and she dosn't call me back.

So, Now its Monday (today), the day we were supposed to do go out.


I don't Know what to do, Whats a appropriate course of action for this situation ? Should I call her again today to see whats up (I want to) ? Its occoured to to stop by her work later and ask face-toface. I have to admit, I am feeling slightly bumbed at the thought that I was blown off.

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That really does suck! It sounds like she's blowing you off, but she may in fact have a good reason for not calling you back. I definitely wouldn't go by her work. You have left her a nice message and now the ball is in her court. I suppose you could give her one more buzz, but......you don't want to look desperate. If she doesn't call you, go to the party anyway and have a good time.

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You won't know what the real reason was why she didn't get back to you unless you talk to her. Go and see her.


Don't forget she works nights and may have been asleep when you called. She may be the type of person who falls asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow. Lucky person!


Good luck

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Hey, Khollest!! I am so glad you ahd a good time at the party!!! Well, you sound like a sweet guy. I think I would call her and say something like, "I just wanted to call and make sure everything was O.K. because we weren't able to touch base and you missed a GREAT party!" At least something along those lines. Keep it light. Hopefully she had a valid reason for blowing you off. Personally, I think it's rude to bail on someone like that, but there could have been an emergency or something. So, give her the benefit of the doubt.

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Jna35, Thanks.

Since I last posted I went to dinner with my family (mom, sister) and pretty much sealed the deal that I'm not having a dinner date. I'm a guy who was offered a free meal to "OutBack Steak House", Most men would pick family and food over a schetchy situation that might involve food .


I talked it over with my sister, I will call her about whats up, See what i missed if anything. My sister also agrees that it is rude to leave a guy (me) whos been a stright shooter this whole time.


-=-=-=-=-= Update =-=-=-=-=-


I called her on her cell moment ago and a man picked up, I asked "Is this Saras Cell", The guy said "Yeah" so, I said "Can I talk to Sara", He askes "Who is this", I respond with "Rich", He turns his head away from the phone an says somthing, then he says "Can she call you back?" To which I say "Yeah, Sure" Then he says "Kay, Bye" and hangs up. This is bugging me, She gets on work at 10 (to my knowledge) so she prolly at home (probably). I am not too worried about the man, cause If she was at home, it was her brother (hopfully) .

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Outback- YUM!!!!! I'm glad you went out for that dinner!!! Hey, I wouldn't pass it up either!


I like your sister! She's right on. This girl is flat out rude. You are too sweet and personally, I think you can do a whole lot better. I know oyu like her though, so hopefully that was her brother and you can get to the bottom of her strange behavior! Let me know what you find out.

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Yeah heloladies21, I see your angle. While my approch to people and peoples behavior isn't and never will be "Zero tolerance", I'm letting this one go just because I've efforted it to no avail.


Funny because, I am ALMOST garenteed to see her tomorrow after my buddies and I are done for the night and want to get somthing to eat.


Thanks for all the advice.


Faith in humanity *ding* -1.

Faith in These forums *ding**ding* +1

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