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I don't get it

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How could you meet someone (online, lives close by), talk a lot the first day, eventually start flirting, soon you flirt and tease a lot (still with SOME talking), then all of the sudden the whole thing dies and she doesn't want to talk to you much anymore?

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Because online everything is a fantasy, and it is easy to break that fantasy, or move on to another fantasy. Something you said may have turned her off, or maybe she met someone else in real life or online who caught her interest.


You can only keep something going on line for so long, then you need to either take it into the real world or you drift apart.

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IMo (mine was long distance though) I think when that happens it's cause the guy or girl whoever started thinkng it wasn't a good idea to do an on line thing, got a little scared, started thinking that it would be better to just be friends, and not try and hold a relationship on the web. That's what happened to me anyways. plus she could have met someone who isn't on the web you know? just my idea of what may have happened.

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A few days (this whole thing has been going on a week) ago when things were going their best, I suggested to her that we meet at this park near her house (which is sort of close to mine) to do something together like play basketball or something. She seemed exited to do it if the weather got better (it was raining) by the end of the week. Then a couple days later I asked her again about meeting up and she seemed reluctant to do anything ("umm maybe"). I also suggested that we maybe talk over the phone a little, and she was also unsure about that, too (another "umm maybe"). From what I gathered, she didn't feel ready to talk on the phone yet.


Come Wednesday night she is less interested in even saying much to me, sometimes ignoring what I'm saying and not responding as quick as she used to. She said she's been super busy these past couple of days. This morning she was on and I said "gday" and she said something like "can't talk right now, planning a party for later tonight". I didn't take that hard at all because people can be busy and need some time away from chatting.


smallworld: I read that article -- pretty good information.


We'll see what happens.

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I've seen her before in person a long time ago but never talked (I was just a face to her). She has pics online so I do know what she looks like.


I do know for a fact that she has a lot of guy FRIENDS but no bf. I'm not giving up on her yet. Just gotta give her some time and see what happens.

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I'm thinking she is scared. She got attached to you but when faced with the possibility of moving things forward, she panicked and retreated. Don't rush or push her, let things move at he pace. Keep talking when you can, who knows what could happen in the future.

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