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Ideas for my NON-ANNIVERSARY! Tommorrow would be 2 years!

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Tomorrow (6/14) would be my ex and my 2 years anniversary. I know that i dont want him back in my life cause he has a drinking problem. I am trying to get over him but i anticipate tomorrow might be a little sad for me. I want to do something fun and intersting so i wont be bored and break nc. I was thinking on going to Tiffanys to get the necklance and braclet i want, thats kinda expensive though. I dont work till 4:30 so i have time. Any thoughts on what i should do?

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Definitely buy yourself something expensive just for the pure pleasure. you deserve to congratulate yourself on how determined you are being. Sure, it would have been two years - but wake up and smile that it isn't - that you aren't with an alcoholic and celebrate it as xx weeks freedom from him .

Happy Being You Anniversary Hun.


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Thanks for answereing me, my post went unsolved for a while and i felt like a psycho nut for even remembering that it would be our anniversary. I visited the tiffany website (i am soooo going) and you had answered me! How nice! And i never thought of celebrating my time away from him! NICE! Very nice! I liek cake too...maybe a piece from the bakery at the mall? yes, i am going ALL OUT! Thanks tons!

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treat the **** out of urself!!! Go to tiffany's, and then go somewhere nice get some clothes to go with the new jewelry! go to a spa, get a massage, go get a new haircut (but this one's potentially dangerous as sometimes hairstylists get too "creative")

Go get that cake u really like just after the spa when u feel best, and have dinner with some female friends (if u can get that working with so little time) to celebrate ur time away from that bastard and how much we men suck.

U know in spanish there is this one popular saying that goes "much better alone than in bad company"

Have an awesome day tomorrow

oh and post pics of whatever u might buy!


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