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Obsessive FB friend requests

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An old friend from 2 years ago (we haven't kept in touch) started repeatedly sending me FB friend requests every hour on the hour.

It doesn't seem normal for someone to obsessively send them over & over for the entire day.  This woman must still have my phone number!

Anyway, I preferred not to continue the friendship at that time & told her so. She was quite upset.

My FB profile has friends & we chat but I don't post anything that is going on there due to privacy issues & the type of job I have.

I got curious & accepted her friend request.  I was kind of curious as to what she's been doing.  Turns out not much.

She hasn't sent a message & its been 2 weeks.

Why do you think she tried to get in touch this way, after all this time?















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2 minutes ago, Superstickyone said:

An old friend from 2 years ago (we haven't kept in touch) started repeatedly sending me FB friend requests every hour on the hour.

She sounds unhinged. 

Why did you accept a request from someone like this? 

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Maybe she was hacked.  I'd block.

Over the last two years my older friend started posting very unusual posts -for her - cliche stuff when before she would post stuff about her life.  So after awhile I unfollowed her but sent her a private message -no response at all.  I wasn't mad just - unusual.  We live in different cities now and I haven't seen her in 10 years now.  A few months ago her adult daughter messaged me -she'd gone into her mom's account because her mom has a particular form of dementia and she realized she should make sure the FB account was safe and secure. 

Obviously that diagnosis explained the past behavior.  I'm not saying your friend is unwell but especially if a lot of time has passed and there is unusual activity if you want to be in touch again either contact her by text or email or if you don't, block.  Because if you don't who cares why she is doing this.  I find it odd that you reacted in the way you did as it doesn't seem like you are concerned about her well-being/whether she's been hacked.

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Because some FB or social media friends are merely lurkers.  They're curious and nosy about your life but they have no intentions of being your friend nor get reacquainted with you.  To them,  you're just a game to be toyed with.  You're just an online person;  no more,  no less.  ☹️

If you want to be very nice and not abrupt,  message her and tell her the truth.  Tell her that both of you drifted apart through the years to no fault of one's own,  wish her all the best and tell her that both of you will go your separate ways.  There is a way to be well mannered yet firm.  Then proceed with blocking and deleting her.  There is a way of letting people go with decorum. 

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1 minute ago, Superstickyone said:

Thanks Cherylyn.  This makes complete sense.  I will go in & block her, then forget about it.  I always thought she was a bit mentally unstable.


Then it’s a nothing burger. I’d stop ruminating as that can lead to an unstable perspective. 

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