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I finally got my husband back

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Hi everyone, in my first post I posted to get my husband back a lot of people discouraged me. it is with the help of a friend she gave me the contact of someone I contacted the person and my problem was solved,

my husband is finally coming home

thank you all for your advice.

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8 hours ago, Wiseman2 said:

Where was he? His mother's? His mistress? Jail?

Good questions to be asking.

Just make sure that the man you got back is actually worth having back.

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Uh huh.. k.

Care to explain?  Or this just some fake whatever for a reaction?

IF it is real stuff, and he is back. I wish ya luck there! ( should he stay - is another thing 😕 ).

TBH, unless whatever cause these issue's for him to leave, are not fixed, this will most likely not succeed for you. You be back to square one with your problems.


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