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Crush takes long to respond but responds nicely when he does

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I've (F18) recently met this guy (M23) when I was on vacation like 6h away from my home. I developed a crush on him and responded to his Instagram story. He answered pretty quickly for a few times (we were chatting via Instagram direct messages) and then he just stopped and didn't answer for like two days. I was bummed. 

But then, he replied to my Instagram story and asked me something about it, he complimented the drawings I upload on my insta and he even commented something on an old drawing of mine. Then I texted him back - he saw the message pretty quickly but hasn't responded for around five hours now. He's just giving me mixed signs, leaving me on read but then being interested and complimenting me? What do you guys think about that? 

Also, I'll probably get the chance to interact with him over discord soon (in a group) since he's 'gaming friends' with my sister. I didn't talk to him a lott on vacation so do you think it'll help if i talk to him more? 

Thanks in advance 🙂

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15 minutes ago, xuanxuan said:

he saw the message pretty quickly but hasn't responded for around five hours now.

He's a social media friend. he has a local life and can't be glued to his phone. Try not to take it so personally. 

There's no mixed messages, just a long distance guy living his life and unfortunately, you watching your phone too intently.

Relax. Round out your social life and try to date local boys.

Is this the same guy?:


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IMO, I wouldn't expect too much with this guy.

You both know he is 6 hrs away, and I doubt he's much up to doing a long distance relationship, with a friends 'sister' 😕 .

I am not trying to say it wont totally work, is just how I see this. ( due to his 'in general' communications with you).

So, please try not to get your hopes up too high.

Sounds like you were really not sure about any of this, due to the circumstances... your anxiety issue's and him being a friend of your sisters.

So, sit back and breathe! 😉 .

You two talk a little, that's all.  

Don't harass him... if he chooses to talk with you now & then, that's all it may be.... Is up to you now to accept this.


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