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Should I confront my new GM for ignoring me?

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I don't plan on staying at my job for much longer because I'm bored of it. I'm a housekeeper and I don't want to do this as a career.


Anyway, the new GM or whoever she is (she said her job duty was to make sure the company runs smoothly while saving money or something) told me to not vacuum the ballroom until they finish setting up for new years. She said it kind of snarky but I didn't mind. I came in the ballroom an hour before my shift was over and they still weren't finish setting up. I then asked her if she wanted me to start vacuuming now because my shift ended in an hour. She ignored me and started talking to the other people in the room about something else. And I said I'm only here for another hour. She began counting some items and just shook her head.


She also completely disregarded me another time after she told me to find another bucket for the leak in the bathroom, one that looks better. I came back with a small red bucket and showed it to her and she laughed and disregarded me.


I get so mad when she disrespects me. I kind of disrespect her back but not in a direct way. It's more of me not being as polite to her anymore any time she talks to me. I'll just talk to her like I'm not interested.

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You’re clearly not happy at your current job and already stated that you’re bored and looking to leave anyway. Confronting your GM will only make matters worse.


Just focus your energy on doing a good job while you’re at work, and find yourself another job.

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I would check in with yourself as to whether you might be reacting in an ultrasensitive way. Your role as I see it is to alert your supervisor as to when there is an issue that needs addressing and best practice is to have a solution in mind. If your shift is ending and you have a task that needs to be done all you can do is provide that information, ask whether you should get it done before your shift is over or leave it for the next person. Make sure the person hears what you are saying and/or put it in writing -either a text ,email or even on a piece of paper or follow up later in writing to document the conversation in case your supervisor seemed distracted. Then I would not pay much attention to whether she ignores, disregards, clears her throat, sneezes, etc. I get annoyed sometimes when people don't respond to my emails and unless it is an urgent/deadline situation I let it go. If it is an urgent/deadline situation I make sure to follow up in a professional and polite way to make sure that the job is done -not for my own ego or to be "respected" but so that the deadline is met or rescheduled in a professional way.


I've been at my current position over 3 years and am well-respected and liked and part of that is because I choose my "battles". There was only one time in three years when I was about to be blamed for something that I shouldn't have been and as carefully and professionally as I could I made it clear what actually happened then quickly moved on to the task at hand. Because my thank you is my paycheck and my responsibility is to get the job done, not to be the center of respectful attention. Obviously there's harassment at workplaces that should never be tolerated(!) but this doesn't sound anything like this.

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I kind of disrespect her back but not in a direct way. It's more of me not being as polite to her anymore any time she talks to me. I'll just talk to her like I'm not interested.


That's called "passive aggressive."


Your boss's actions are passive aggressive as well. Ignoring employees and laughing at them sends a message. It says, I don't like you without actually speaking the words.


Basically, it's a coward's way out.


Being passive aggressive doesn't solve problems. It just perpetuates conflict. So, don't engage. Don't let unhappy, helpless people drag you down to their level.


The best thing you can do here is disengage from that silly nonsense. You don't plan to stay there much longer, so don't. Find a better situation. If you allow yourself to dwell in misery, you'll just end up like her.

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