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Just posting on here to find some relief everyone . I hope u don't mind me sharing my feelings . After finding out he is happy in his new relationship . I am feeling sad , depressed and questioning myself when I was not a girl with self confidence issues Before? I don't know if this is normal but I am walking around with what feels like a bullet wound in my heart .


Even when talking to friends or doing other activies i can't be in minute and enjoying it . I just don't want to feel this pain anymore. I feel like time in my life is being taken away because of this. I never felt this bad when my previous and I broke up.


It hurt but not this much , why can't I let him go even though I know he Is with someone . Why didn't I trust him and just believe when said he didn't cheat.


But why did he move on to another girl a month after and they seem to be moving fast.



I don't know what do guys , How else to get thru each day ? How do u deal with all could of and should of ?

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I am in therapy already , That is what helped me to get back to work and go back to the gym and start eating normal again . The first 3 weeks I couldn't go work and just wanted to sleep and cry . Now months later I do go with friends, try new things etc . But I am not happy like I used to be and still cry once a day .


It is finding he is still with her and happy that thru me into another loop.

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This is all part of the process. Don't beat yourself up about it.

You will get better as weeks go by. Keeping pushing through. Go out..seek help... Exercise..etc. It doesn't all go away overnight. The pain will persist. The healing process gets somewhat worse before better.


You are better! U couldn't go to work before. Now u are up and out and still have thoughts of him. That's ok!


Just as you moved past getting out of bed, you will move past being out and thinking of him. The most important thing is that you keep trying.


I promise it gets easier. I can't tell u how long that will take but I can tell you it does. It will totally be awful but it will get better. I'm sorry u are hurting. Truly.


In the meantime, know this is all normal and you are not alone.


Breakups hurts. A lot. Don't fight it or over analyze. Just keep going and let it pass.


Sending you hugs and light.

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Thank u so much for everything u said . It makes me feel someone understands. I am not over reacting. It really does hurt , I lost the love of life . The guy I thought I would marry and have children with some day . I seen a future with him so sometimes I don't understand how ppl think I should be just over it . Thank u for understanding .

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