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Boyfriend finished me. Now what?


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My boyfriend of 5 years has recently finished with me due to my mental health issues after recently being diagnosed and the fact he couldn’t see a future with somebody ‘like me’. He’s basically left me when I needed him the most and this was by text.


We have had no contact for several days and I’m starting to feel down even more than I was due to this.


Can anybody give me some tips and advice and how to handle this break up maturely and smoothly?

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I had a long-term boyfriend break up with me because I had a cancer scare. That really hurt. I think it's kind of similar to your situation.


Just keep going knowing you don't need someone that isn't even there when you truly need them.


It's a tough blow. But he's showing you who he is

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Don’t know how to move forward.


I know I need to keep myself busy but the evening times are the hardest


Did you read my response on your previous "Am I Being Selfish" thread?


Why did you start a new one, context is important.


Anyway, my advice is to focus on *you* and managing your mental health issues.


I did, still do, and have essentially conquered them for the most part. Not without strength, resilience, and perseverance though.


As for him, yeah ending a 5 year LTR by text was rather lame, but at least he told you why, instead of just ghosting. He just isn't *strong* enough to deal.


His issue not yours.


Work on managing your own issues, eventually you will meet a stronger man, who will be a better fit for you long term.


Best of luck!

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It’s hard if hurts I am just out of 7 year long term relationship. the first few weeks were awful and heartbreaking all day. I’m still not over the situation or him. Even last night I dreamt of him and I don’t know.


I write my feelings down and find quotes that will help me deal with the situation. I have been keeping busy but I have still cried occasionally.


Trying to build myself up and focused so one day when I’m ready I can find someone again.


Be kind to yourself do things that make yourself feel good. Reflect and reach out to people you trust who you can talk about it with.


Come on here and vent and talk we are all here. I have good days and bad days. Sometimes I feel so bad and want to reach out but don’t.


Praying for healing (big hugs)

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