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  1. I do have a beautiful daughter. She always says I’m confident as I don’t want her to feel away or grow up feeling that way I guess. I guess I had a moment of I like this guy. I think I had a freak moment. Thank you for your reply x
  2. Thanks Billie and thank you as I want sure if I should mention it and can’t remember exactly how it went down with my ex. As my scars are covered when wearing clothes so anyone wouldn’t notice.
  3. Very true and thank rob for sharing Katrina. I am a burn survivor and very proud and have learnt to live with my scars definitely. I’m not perfect no one is have stretch marks too which I proud off as I carried my daughter. Confidence is key and I will remember that x
  4. Thanks for the reply, I would say I am confident woman and don’t shy away. I guess was just wanted other people’s views. Everyone has insecurities.
  5. I am enjoying dating I guess I had that moment of gosh one day have to be intimate with someone new and best way to approach been out the dating game so long.
  6. Thank you so much and sharing your experience and being reassuring. My scars don’t affect me and haven’t really seen it being insecure. I guess was with someone for so long and people react differently. Thank you 🙌🏼
  7. I met a guy on my birthday had a drunk kiss. We have met up twice now. The first guy I am really interested in after my relationship of 7 1/2 years ended last year. I have been single for just over a year. I have had some dates but this is the first guy to give me butterflies. He is great we are same age ( normally go for older) he is confident, cheeky, easy to talk to, ambitious, flirty and so far a gentlemen. I guess I am scared and we have had a peck after dates. I am concerned as I haven’t dated in over 8 years and everything seems to have changed. Any advice? One last thing not that I’m t
  8. When you started dating and he had a girlfriend it shouldn’t of conitinued ( in my opinion) how can you have plans with someone who was in a long term relationship and going through a break up? Sounds like a rebound to me? Unless he is cold person and I know a few who can come out of a long term relationship and making future plans already. For your own sake I would tread carefully and it’s been a few days he could still contact you. From the info above it’s questionable. A long term relationship then a new relationship how can he move on so quickly ( maybe I am naive)
  9. I received a happy birthday messags last week and it hurt it did. Said thanks and left it as that! The message had a very corporate friendly find like you would send a female who you have never been intimate with! It was wired and sad to think he has been part of my life for 7 years and now we are strangers. Be strong.
  10. I’m sorry your hurting, I have just come out of a 7 year relationship. Despite meeting up with him I still have unanswered questions. The fact he has moved on should spur you to heal. This may be a rebound or something serious who knows? Stop communicating with him and if you have to over logistical things then keep it limited. Healing yourself is your priority and taking care of yourself. It’s hard I know there are so many emotions your feeling. Be kind to yourself and take time for you. Despite having answers from my ex I call bull he did he stopped loving me after I e night
  11. It’s hard if hurts I am just out of 7 year long term relationship. the first few weeks were awful and heartbreaking all day. I’m still not over the situation or him. Even last night I dreamt of him and I don’t know. I write my feelings down and find quotes that will help me deal with the situation. I have been keeping busy but I have still cried occasionally. Trying to build myself up and focused so one day when I’m ready I can find someone again. Be kind to yourself do things that make yourself feel good. Reflect and reach out to people you trust who you can talk about it with.
  12. Thanks sweet girl definitely that’s what my daughter asked if she can see him. We discussed and I discussed with my family. Her dad isn’t around his family is. Messaging him didn’t upset me just didn’t want to. I guess knowing that my daughter is hurting hurts me. It’s 7 years and how long he has been in her life. Wish it all wasn’t happening but it is
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