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  1. My mum got so fed up of me torturing myself over his stupid valentines, Christmas birthday cards etc that she ripped them up in front of me ha ha ha! I have a few things from him, a bracelet and a watch I can’t bring myself to get rid of them just yet. We’ve been split up 2-3 weeks now. Everyday is hard still. We’ve been in and out of contact but I’m not reaching out anymore, it’s too painful
  2. Bumping this because I really needed to read this!
  3. In a few moments of weakness I reached out to you. You shrugged me off and you’re trying to act like the big tough guy. Giving yourself the Good Samaritan speech by saying it’s all for me and for me to get better. No, it’s becaise you’re a selfish coward.
  4. The above comments really helped me!! Social media is the devil when it comes to break ups.
  5. I get the feeling you’re doing all this to get a reaction out of me!
  6. Wow this thread is like my life!! I’m nearly 2 weeks into my break up with my ex who left me due to my anxiety and depression
  7. I’m almost 2 weeks into my my breakup and the days are slowly getting better. I have my moments, usually on an evening. This is why I come to this thread.
  8. I will do! We haven’t spoken since Saturday, but last week it was contact on and off but now it’s NC even thought he wants me to keep in touch??! Strange
  9. Thank you so much for that. Everyone keeps saying I’m doing a good job but I’m putting on this brave face at the moment.
  10. After reading this thread I’m going to start journaling or doing a blog. Do you guys find this really useful? I see a lot of people on this site have done this.
  11. I almost caved in today too! Don’t even know what I’d say if I did text him, it’s just routine!
  12. I’m tempted to text my ex but I know it’ll make my wounds even bigger I see him on whatsapp online and I so badly want to speak to him but it’s for the best we have NC. Secretly hoping he texts me but we’ll see
  13. Still struggling through this break up but I know it’ll get easier. Taking one day at a time
  14. Sounds like a pleb who doesnt know what he wants! One thing I will do on his poxy list is prove him wrong Sorry P for hijacking!!
  15. I don’t understand it myself! He’s never had an issue with anything like this before and he said he doesn’t understand mental health and how it impacts somebody. I can’t even explain it to him either because I can’t explaib it myself! He gave me a list of things he wants me to do and if I do it and get myself better and be happier we can be together again. He wants me to make him look stupid for ever leaving me, his words!
  16. I know I’m fine I’ll get over this situation. The thought of him moving on and being with somebody else knocks me sick though! He sent me a letter stating he will reconsider this break up if I get myself better with the depression...
  17. You’re so right about the ambition regarding the moving. I left everyone behind and a stable job to be in a new city. From what he’s said in the letter it’s like he wants to be with me BUT not at this stage in my life when I’m down and depressed, but wants me to make him ‘beg’ for him back when he can see me doing better again! Don’t get it haha
  18. No you didn’t over step the mark! :) I’m so confused, I don’t even know what to make of the letter! It’s all very contradicting himself and saying we are broken up and I said the letter sounds like a break to me and he said call it what you like, we don’t have to put a name on it. But you do, I need clarification! He goes on about wanting to be a director of this business he’s working at and how I’m not at the league he’s at and I need to have more ambition and drive and he thought me moving to be with him would ‘help’....
  19. Thank you! I’m trying so hard to keep myself busy but it’s difficult. All I want to do is text him but to be honest, I haven’t got anything to say? I think I’d just like a text, for him to text me for once. I’m trying to do NC. I know it’ll get easier but the first phase is the hardest
  20. Hi Hopeful, I didn’t know it takes half the time you were dating to get over somebody?! I’ve recently split up from my boyfriend of 5 years so mine are still fresh wounds. I joined this site to help heal the pain from others and their stories so I will keep an eye on this thread!
  21. Trying not to text my ex so I’ve come on this thread to stop me!
  22. It’s so odd! He said in a letter he wrote me (after I sent him one) that he wants me to make him look like an idiot for ever leaving me, wants me to prove him wrong and that I can get better and battle my depression, if I can do all that we can ‘reconsider’ and said he’d love to be with me. 5 years is such a long time to then do this :/
  23. Thank you guys! He brought my stuff round the other night and it was awful, he couldn’t even look at me because he didn’t want to cry. I was balling my eyes out and I gave him a letter and he just left, not even a backwards glance! He changed his tune when he read the letter and text me though. He said yesterday when we spoke ‘if I sort you your issues out and get everything sorted we can be together again’ I don’t get it? Ha ha It’s because I’ve recently been told I’m suffering with anxiety and depression and wants me to get sorted
  24. Hi everyone, I’m going through a breakup at the moment and finding it really difficult so reading this thread has helped me!
  25. Don’t know how to move forward. I know I need to keep myself busy but the evening times are the hardest
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