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Getting Into Dating In My Late 20s


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I'm a 27 year old female, and it's only about recently that I began to consider dating.


First off, why this late? It's a mixture of being academically oriented for the longest time (I'm a pathologist), being an awkward and shy potato, and possibly having way too specific standards. There's also something to be said for my issues with my looks, and the image I seem to portray (i.e. my peers have often told me I'm a bit child-like/childish - my interests do lean towards that I guess, and I do have a head-in-the-clouds demeanor).


So how do I start? I'm terrified of putting myself out there because I don't know much about dating. I have less issues about my looks now, and my career has given me confidence that I'm a person worth getting to know. But I'm still hyper aware that I'm not exactly conventional; and the fact I've never flirted or gone on real date makes me very insecure.

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Why do you want to date? I wouldn't worry about never having been on a date -everyone starts somewhere. Listen to Dixie Chicks "taking the long way around". What I would do is meet people by volunteering back stage at a community theater - a lot of people meet people that way especially bookish academic types.


You are smart and you can choose to be down to earth if you want - your "demeanor" is in part your choices. I would start by working on your listening skills and eye contact skills in social situations. Let people talk and take it in without constantly considering what you want to say next.


But first decide what your goals are in dating - that will factor into how you approach it.

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Dating should be fun. This is when you explore whats out there and get out of your comfort zone.... If you approach dating as a scary thing you will have a hard time enjoying the adventure. Sure theres going to be mind games and rejections but theres tons of incredible people that you can make lasting friendships or be happy you've got to know. Nothing wrong with being young at heart, there are many men who have interests that may be young at heart too. There's nothing wrong with trying new hobbies with someone...


If you haven't dated, I suggest you open yourself up to dating world in order to know what you want which will help you later in narrowing the field down. Don't be scared of people or hurt... It's part of life and it's part of learning.

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Hmm. You're overthinking the whole thing. You should date with your emotions and not your brain. Opposites sometimes attract so if you meet someone just like you, you might not be able to stand him. (I had that happen and I couldn't stand her!) Hasn't anybody ever asked you out? Maybe you should post your picture so we can comment if you think your looks are bad. Maybe you just need a makeover. Or tell us about your life. We can give you advice anonymously. You might need some ego-boosting to go out and find your guy There is someone out there for you.

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