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  1. I know I am a stranger to you but I personally do not want you to go back to him. I am rooting for you. 💪
  2. Then yes, it would be best for all parties if you stop hanging out with Lisa. Do you have other friends or family you can hang out with? Maybe try some local meetup groups - they have virtual meet ups. You could potentially meet someone in these groups and might divert your attention away from Lisa.
  3. I didn't read all your posts, but I get the sense that she didn't give up on a whim. I think she checked out a while back and the other guy pursuing her gave her the confidence to see if the grass is greener on the other side. I am also assuming you might have been her first serious boyfriend. Saying all that, she is young and at that age is where a woman is starting to find herself, her voice and her independence. Let her find herself by giving her the space in order to give you space to heal. And I mean a whole lot of space. Maybe in time, after she's done a lot of thinking an
  4. You move out. Please don't confess your feelings. That would be extremely selfish and I would not, if in your shoes, presume to know how Lisa is oblivious to her own feelings. You might very well just be projecting your feelings. Are you in a position where you cannot move out?
  5. Yep, I was friends with everyone at my old job including my bosses. The ones that were playing office politics were people I've dined and drank with, met their families a handful of times (for four plus years). The bosses that listened to me but did nothing - I still like all these people. I just don't like their work style that have perpetuated a broken working culture. This type of work culture is a constrained work environment. People who want to grow because they know they can perform better in other areas (me) or people who like to problem solve (like you) will never thrive in constr
  6. I think every relationship there has to be full trust. If you find yourself not trusting your partner, just take it as this person isn't for me and walk away. The more you keep thinking "give him/her the benefit of the doubt" - there's going to be an internal push and pull dynamic you feel that needs to be resolve. Those needs manifest in to checking their phone, interrogating them, checking their mile logs, etc. Saying all that, glad you finally realized it's time to walk away.
  7. Do you have a low self-esteem? Usually people who allow their partners to continually mistreat them and humiliate them in public are people who feel they aren't worthy of respect and love.
  8. I think you handled it well. The work environment is toxic and you shouldn't have to push a heavy rock up the hill every day you show up to work. It becomes a matter of "what's the point?" I think you finally hit that moment and you handled it well because you're right. What's the point? You are leaving any way and these guys are still turning it around to "well you are not performing up to expectations." They want you to shut up and do your work, like most shytty bosses. In the end, they are just another example of companies that don't know how to keep smart and capable people and they k
  9. MOve on... This guy doesn't care about you, if he did, you wouldn't be in out in the cold.
  10. I am so sorry you are going through this. Your family sounds real messed up. They have kept this up for so long and it is completely wrong to keep lying to you and hope you just shut up about it. You need to talk to an attorney right away like others have advised.
  11. Pulling for you, Jibralta. I feel like when you start taking mental heath days off, it's time to look elsewhere.
  12. How long were you guys together? There's this thread on here you can check out to from the ex gf's perspective and people who've posted and admitted they would have a tough time accepting her as a partner. Hopefully this thread put things in perspective for you and the advices you get on here will guide you to be a better and forgiving man.
  13. He lacks boundaries and he's also disrespectful of your feelings. You might think you guys are great together but if he is choosing to ignore your concerns and not disclosing to you that he is going to hang out with this lady coworker, time to be real, you guys are NOT great together because he doesn't care about your feelings when it comes to her. He's not for you and you deserve better.
  14. Yikes... I think if it's been for years like you said, and he still won't introduce you, you are nothing but a sidepiece and he would like to keep you that way.
  15. I had this issue with an ex and I Just deleted my social profiles or anything that can be tracked to my name, phone number and 2 email accounts I use. If you tell them off, it just makes them want to contact you more because they see that as their control they still have over you. If you ignore them, but you don't really want them to be part of your life any more, you still have to deal with seeing them pop up. So others have suggested hide your profile, but if that's something you can't do (I couldn't do that on my two yelp accounts), just delete it all. These days, its possib
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