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I need help on my relationship. I dont know if i should leave or not.


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Before i ask as my title states i would like to give you my relationship background.


I met this girl around march and she helped me get over a rejection on valintines and i then helped her with her relationship and ended up splitting the two of them up due to the fact that the guy was a cheat and used her. (they were on and off for a year) Once that happened i saw her every day during lunch and i would hang around the group she stuck with. Things escalated and i asked her out on june the tenth and we were i guess partners that kissed and called each other every night. I soon found out on august eighteenth that she was cheating on me with her ex. i wanted to instantly break the whole thing up and walk away, but she seemed so sorry and started to cry and begged. ithought to myself "ok time to be a good catholic and forgive) i forgave her but i didnt feel the same about her eversince. then the next two months i met my now friend so and so. i soon started to catch feelings for her like a wild fire and i realized we had so much in common. i then went to her sisters birthday party and i ended up kissing her there and it didnt feel weird but it soon became a once in a while thing like every few days we would kiss during school. My girlfriend found out from me that i kissed her and she forgave me since i had shown her mercy once but weeks later she talks to so many guys and they all are her other boyfriends. and i just sit there with a thumb up my ass and do nothing. I tell her how i felt about the guys and she drops them all. I end up talking to so and so again and i feel like im in love like i am so happy just to see her and i always want to help her with her life problems. The thing is i want to be with her and settle her down with me before she thinks i dont want her. HOWEVER i cant end things with my first girl i always feel bad when i break up i end up going back and i dont know if its because i actually love her or its just that im too nice and i care about her feelings. So should i go or should i stay. (my friends say i should leave to not hurt her and not hurt myself) ive been with her for seven months

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It seems like your girlfriend doesn't have trouble attracting other guys, and it sounds like your feelings for her have run out. Plus you both broke your trust of the other. I think you've already decided to move on to the new girl and you're just looking for permission to do so. So do so. She won't be hurt much.

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