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Why did he lie about everything?


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I have wrote a couple of post about this guy I was dating already. Yes you are going to tell me why do I care I should move on. I will I just need to work things out in my head.


I went on a few dates with a guy, he is 30, he did act way younger though. He lived at home, pretty wealthy family I think as I met his parents and saw his parents home. He told me he had a job but found out the other day he lied about that, but I asked how do you get so much money to do things and buy lavish things. He said his parents and grandparents give him money. So anyway I told him I didn’t want to talk to him anymore more as I already had a gut feeling he was seeing other women too. I recently asked him about other women but told me they were just friends. I did not buy in to it. But just yesterday I got a call from him telling me everything he told me was a lie he had been sleeping with tons of women, he hadn’t been single since February but for 3 years, he said he has sex with women every day (I didn’t have sex with him) he tells girls he wants a relationship to get them in to bed but he said he doesn’t know if he likes someone until he sleeps with them!! WHAT?!! He said he usually gets bored of women and just blocks them. I asked him why he lies so much and he said he finds it too easy to lie but he said I figured him out and didn’t give in to having sex with him. I was so angry on the phone I hung up and blocked him. But I don’t even know if that’s a lie either what he just said. Why would he now tell me all that? I know I shouldn’t care but I’m sick of people lying to me (especially men).

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Excellent you blocked him. Read up on sociopaths. The gift he gave you is how to spot them and how players operate, so you can spot them instantly.


^^^ Exactly.


Sociopaths lie. They can't not lie. It's who they are. I'm not diagnosing him as a sociopath, but I can safely diagnose him as a player.


What he sounds like, is a spoiled brat whose parents probably never told him no. He still lives with them, they obviously still pay for everything, and they probably always thought it was cute how he "told stories". So now, he "tells stories" to every woman he meets, until he can have sex with them, and then he gets bored and moves on.


I am so happy that you didn't have sex with him. No telling what's crawling around up in there. :D


Not to mention, he'd get bored with you, and then you'd be writing a totally different post: "Why did my new wonderful boyfriend suddenly leave me after we had beautiful, heartfelt sex?"


Block, delete, go.

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Even if he promised you that he changed started telling the truth and you kept doing your research and finding out that he’s consistently telling the truth now, would you one day start trusting him and believing everything he says? NO! Therefore the both of you will never work because of his stupid lies.

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Well he got you to do exactly what he wanted you to do.


Think about him constantly!!! This guy is on your mind way more than it should be and that is what he wants. He told you those things because he knew his usual game was not working on you. He told you that you were different and smarter than most women because you didn't sleep with him but then he told you he doesn't know if he likes someone UNTIL he has sex with him. He tried to make you think you were special and different than all the others but also made it clear that he had to have sex with you to know for sure if he likes you. Just more of his game.


The best thing you can do is every time you think about him and get angry think about something good from your life that you enjoy. You are wasting way to much mental real estate on that piece of crap to be sure.


I don't lie and not all men lie. You seem like you are getting good at spotting the red flags so feel good you caught on so fast. Next time you meet a 30 yr old living with mommy and daddy you may want to rethink going out with him. Anyone in that situation shouldn't be dating until they get their own life straightened out BEFORE they bring someone into their life.



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