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Boyfriend broke up with me out of the blue and now has blocked me on Instagram


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So long story short, my boyfriend and I were together for the last 3-4 months. We've been together before, 3 years ago to be exact. Reason for breaking up back then ? We drifted apart.

This year we decided to get back together. Our relationship was at peak, with us even talking about marriage (possible dates) and baby names. We even joked about last time we broke up and he would say "That won't happen again, I'm not breaking up with you this time"

We never really had an argument, but last time we saw each other, we argued and I remained distant for the rest of the day.

Later that day, I came across a text saying we needed a break, that he needed space to calm down and that we were not being very compatible. I gave him the space, decided to start a NC and now (it hasn't been a week) he just blocked me on instagram...

He prides himself in being honest, but all of this seems to prove him wrong and i am just confused. Some close friend told me he might have gotten a cold feet, but this already reached another level.

Don't know what to do now.


Any advice ?

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You won’t believe how common it is, you’re never alone, these are pure immature behaviors, when they pull the plug, they are never even sure, even at the moment, they have all the power in the world and will use it , but whenever you break up with someone who you’ve been with a long time, you can never have it easy, and this is on both sides Dumper and Dumpee. It all seems like he’s in power game to prove a point, don’t fall for it, take time for yourself and try to cool your head.

I can tell you from first hand experience this is only to draw a reaction from you, my ex gf of almost 3 years, broke up with me, I begged etc, 2 weeks she blocked my on fb, same day posted with new boyfriend, I didn’t shake, almost more than a month later, she went all out of the way to block me Instagram even if we weren’t following each other , I can ponder all day for the reason, but trust me you will never find it.

The most likely reason is they are trying to draw that anger from you, so you will scream why did you block me, and they can have the final laugh.

NC isn’t a game, it is about self-evaluation.Take this time for yourself and grow

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Continue your NC is the best thing at this point.

How long had you been back together when this happened?

It sounds like the argument may have brought up something unresolved from the previous breakup that he didn't want to address head on. Overall it sounds like you are better off letting the drift continue, you both seem to be in very different places and have different expectations regarding the relationship. As to social media, don't put too much stock in that as any sort of relationship indicator.

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