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  1. Sounds like he wasn’t feeling the chemistry.
  2. When someone says one thing but does another, believe what they do. She said she’s an intimate person but made you wait months, then cut you off. Her actions are telling you who she really is and how she feels about you. Personally at your age I’d move on, but you have to make your choices with your eyes wide open.
  3. I think you’re confusing celibate with exclusive. What your doing isn’t exclusive or monogamous, not mathematically possible.
  4. I think he suspected a relationship or marriage with you would have minimal sex, if any, so he pushed to test his theory.
  5. Right. I’ve seen that excuse many times on forums. It’s what low drive people say when they want to trap a husband.
  6. You’re about to marry a woman who’s not that into sex and not that into you. You’re getting set up for a sexless marriage. Once she’s got kids you’ll be done.
  7. So if you convince her to stay what do you get? More sexlessness and a substandard marriage. No thanks.
  8. If you were my wife I’d be thinking a couple things. Like, she must like the bad boys. And the fact you always give in (i.e. submissive) Youde be easy prey. And the protection only applies at work. Not when they get out. No, I can’t say I’d be ok with my wife having contact with inmates.
  9. Seekingarrangement is not the same as match....now you know.
  10. Sounds like your relationship may not be as fulfilling for him as you assumed.
  11. He’s given up, which is understandable all things considered. A man will only try and fail so many times before concluding it’s just not a match. If you think it is a match then you’ll have to take the reigns for a while.
  12. So you used breaking up as a manipulation tool to get him to agree with you and chase you back? Nice. I’d advise your ex to move forward and never look back.
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