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I would tell him point blank that I find it completely unacceptable and if he continues to fight dirty, I will have no choice but to leave. I would explain that I am only interested in being with someone who wants to discuss disagreements in a mature and sensible manner


It is verbal abuse, but it doesn't sound like extreme and malicious verbal abuse (swearing/screaming). Sometimes this kind of behaviour can be a bad habit they picked up from their parents' arguments and they might not even see how much it hurts you because to them it feels normal. Tell him calmly that you find it offensive and give him an opportunity to understand what he's doing and change the behaviour. If he can't change, dump him

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deal breaker!


I remember dating a guy once. We had a disagreement over something and decided to drive over to a park to talk, seeing my son was at home at the time.

We are on the freeway and I am driving. He turns to me and starts in aggressively and with the profanity.


I calmly pulled over to the side of freeway, turned to him and told him the ground rules -

That if he couldn't tell me what was on his mind in a mature, calm way, without profanity then he could get out of the car and walk home.


I set that precedence early. Apparently, his way was what he was accustomed to but was able to turn it around pretty well.


It sounds like your guy has done it and continues to do so with frequency and severity. What are you going to do about it?

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