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  1. He’s always been a drinker but he drinks more excessively in times of stress.
  2. So about 2 months ago, my husband found out his dad has Leukemia. Since then my husband hasn’t been the same. His dad is doing well with his treatments, and so far it seems that he’s going to get through this. He’s been in the hospital receiving treatments and my husband hasn’t physically seen him for about a month. Anyways, my husband is clearly depressed. He breaks down and cries at times and I comfort him of course. He barely talks to me. He’s drinking more and not eating healthy at all. I think he’s gained a little weight. And he most certainly is not interested in doing much with me at a
  3. Thanks for the advice. I used to go to CBT for other things but stopped because it was literally costing me almost the same as my mortgage to keep it up.
  4. I literally replay conversations over and over in my head and obsess about dumb things I said. I even still obsess about conversations or embarrassing interactions that happened YEARS ago. I can’t make the thoughts stop. I feel like I always say stupid things and I also obsess about whether or not people like me. These thoughts take over me. I’m pretty quiet because I fear saying something stupid that I will replay in my head until the day I die. Any advice?
  5. Maybe I’m wrong, but doesn’t it seem odd that someone would barely communicate with a family member, talk bad about them, but then when that family member is diagnosed with cancer, all the sudden they start posting on Facebook about it daily and claiming to be soooo close to that person? And this isn’t the first time this has happened. Same person acted this way when her aunt was dying. Never had anything to do with her, but then went to the hospital daily when she was ill and posted on Facebook daily. Maybe I’m petty for being annoyed. But why does something tragic have to happen for her to b
  6. But her mom lied to her and told her she was exposed to Covid instead of telling her she was tired of being treated like crap
  7. Her mom, grandma, dad, & cousins all didn’t go. Cousins weren’t invited either. Mom didn’t want to go because of how the SIL has been treating her, and dad had to work.
  8. My husband was the only person from their side of the family that went.
  9. Actually, the family likes me more than her. So there went that theory. But I can see why you would think that.
  10. He thinks it’s rude but it almost seems he is scared to say something to her. He always tells me to just be the bigger person and ignore it. Which I’ve don’t to an extent but I feel like she’s pushing me. Ignoring someone usually makes them stop but I fear she won’t stop until someone tells her to or until she gets a reaction.
  11. I don’t know if I’d go as far as to call her menatally I’ll. Rude? Yes. But it seems to stem from the fact that she wanted my husband to marry his ex. And she doesn’t like that I’m close to her mom and she isn’t. I can’t change either of those things for her though. It’s really just weird. She didn’t invite me to the party for some reason she made up in her head because she’s mad at me for being close to her family and because she’s mad at me for not being like my husband’s ex. If she had a legit reason to treat me poorly, trust me, I’d get it. I know she also doesn’t get along with her own in
  12. Yes. He just showed up and said nothing to her about it.
  13. Or, “I’m coming to the party because I love my niece, but it was rude to not invite my wife and I don’t like you treating her that way.”
  14. I actually mailed a gift a week or so ago because I’m not a mean person. The result I wanted was support from my husband and for him to not be okay with his sister treating me poorly like she’s done for 10 years now. Sure, I’m glad I didn’t go to the party. But am I glad that my husband didn’t support me? No.
  15. And not that it makes a deference in my situation, but other family members were also purposely not invited and many family members that were invited chose not to go because of how she treats everyone. So it’s also not like I’m the only one she is nasty to.
  16. Saying that I’m separating him from his family is a little far fetched. This is 1 person we are talking about.
  17. Yes! I feel like his response should have been something like “If my wife isn’t good enough to attend your event, than neither am I.“ or “I am attending the party because I love my niece, but purposely leaving my wife off of the invite was rude and uncalled for”. Something that small would have made all the difference.
  18. Thank you, this was actually helpful. Thank you for not judging me and for advice other than “get divorced.”
  19. Thanks. Yeah, I don’t either lol. The answer to every problem can’t be divorce.
  20. I wouldn’t say that these people are “against me”. Except his sister, she’s definitely against me because I’m closer to her mom than she is. But she’s mean to her mom... so of course I’m closer. His cousins do seem to like me but it’s their personality to talk negative about everyone especially people who have nicer things than them. It’s weird. I’m sure they do talk negative about my husband and I but I don’t care that much because I know they talk about everyone and are just jealous.
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