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Told I was "too much" by therapist?


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I am using a text app for therapy and my therapist said "You are going through way too much right now". She was caring and concerned but no one wants to hear that about their life. I feel really offended, even though I got this text 2 days ago. Aren't I supposed to turn to her for the worst of my worst? I'm too shy for therapy in an actual office but I do need someone to talk to. It just concerns me because how am I going to tell her other stories, I feel like I have to take steps back and not share.

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It was bad wording, hun, honestly.


I understand what you mean though, even if she/he meant that it was too much, it still doesn't instill a lot of confidence in a person. Though I do feel that it was only a poor choice of words and they meant no harm.


If you don't feel comfortable though, you can always talk with someone else. That's the one good thing with therapy, is that there are more than one option and sometimes the first few people don't fit.


I hope you find someone whom you feel comfortable with.

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If you are likely to take words to mean the worst possible thing then therapy by text isn't likely to help you. It's hard to do therapy face to face. It's much easier to text. But working on yourself is hard. Changing your patterns is hard. I think you shouldn't waste your time (and emotional reactions) on this half step. Find someone you can talk to. Someone you can look in the eye. Maybe therapy by text can help some people but it's not right for you.

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