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Together for 2 years. He always seems irritated and mad around me. For example: Just a while ago, he snaps at me in front of his friends when we're at the mall, I was just organizing the table and he said that I should stop that for it's not my job to do so. It's not the "sweet" mad, it's like I'm a dog told to stop my bull. Also few minutes later I sweetly asked for a cotton candy. He accepted kindly but then snaps at the price. I gave him money. After a few minutes, he gets irritated at the long time waiting because of the on going creation of a cotton candy character. Seriously mad. He became very impatient so I just cancelled and continue to going home.


He's always like this that I'm starting to think he's naturally like this for he doesn't have any family problems and other . I mean, he's only like this when we're together. He just tells me he feels awkward and uncomfortable about public display of affection. Damn we're not even touching. He just hates me being so sweet all the time. He snaps at me all the time. I do not understand and I just endure this because I love him, and now I keep on grieving for the idea that he might not actually love me.


When I cry, he gets super annoyed like "stop crying!" ", this is not the place to do that" and he's so controlling as I, telling him some men catcalled me and then blaming me for what I wear, "entertaining" them by looking madly, etc.


To be fair, he's sometimes real sweet. But I feel like he rarely considers my happiness in the point that I broke down everyday


Am I just too sensitive? Or does he love me

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Your boyfriend is the king of the patriarchal society we live in.

Find the feminist inside of you, slap him and tell him to off.

Go live your life girl


no slap. just roll out.


Envision YOUR path, dare, DARE to believe you will be treated as you would like, and have enough faith to wait until you are before letting yourself commit.


If you believe, and breathe into every breath appreciatikn for who you are, then others will see your beauty as you do. It starts with you.


And you know this isn't what you want nor does it feel right - that's why you wrote. You have good instincts.


You are on this planet for a reason. You have found your man when you grow and bloom in his sunshine, and he in yours.

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It is troubling that you describe him as having a "sweet" mad. What does that mean? The way this guy treats you shows he doesn't even like you. Heck, he probably doesn't even like himself. Putting up with abuse is not the same thing as being in love. You need to get out of this toxic relationship ASAP. You deserve so much better!

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