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  1. I am a 27 y old woman and I have been sexually active since I was 16-17 years old. Since my first experiences I have had a hard time orgasming, it had to be through oral sex or with the help of my hands. I have never experienced vaginal orgasm (I dont even know if everyone can do it). When I am masturbating I can reach in less than a minute but its only in a certain position with my own hand and thats it. This is not a big issue for me. I enjoy sex and I can make my self orgasm during sex and I am happy with how things are. I hope I could do more but since its not happening, I cannot stre
  2. What I want is HOW to say it. How do I express it without sounding like I am offensive?
  3. We were really good friends before this. We are a group of 5 friends (almost a decade now) and we are like sisters. She is from a smaller town a three hour drive from the city. She does not want to come in arguing with her parents about giving her more money so she can rent (even though they absolutely HAVE money to spend). Its been now 2 months that the dance school is closed and she did not go back at her town to wait for the exams. She has no social life there and does not want to live with her parents. I can understand all this but shouldn't she have asked? If I am ok with this? OR at leas
  4. My dad is upset but understand that it is a very delicate problem and wont do anything that will make it difficult for me. What bothers me the most is that she did not ask to stay more, and that everytime I imply or ask she avoids the whole discussion.
  5. Hello again! Thanks a lot for anyone reading this and making time to answer and help me- I really need it. This post involves various relationships and I did not know where to post it. It will probably be moved. I am 27 old (f) and 1,5 year ago I moved out of my college town to a big city(hometown) for work. I moved in with a very good friend of mine in an 2 bedroom apartment I own (its my fathers actually but I get to use it and not rent), to split the bills and support each other in this new beggining (We do the same job). The original plan was to live with my friend for a year (pl
  6. UPDATE. Thank you all for your advice and help. I decided to talk to him and explain the situation. We went for a walk and I was very very honest with him, I told him that I am very hurt and I had no time to heal and I cannot invest in another relationship right now. I also explained all the stress I live through daily and why I feel like isolating, and all of this combined with a lockdown due to COVID makes me depressed. I told him that I still like him and I would love to continue something cool between us but meeting once a week is already hard and I have no more to give emotional
  7. If you are okay with him watching porn (I think you should be), why is having favourite porn stars a problem? Guys, pick the porn they watch mostly because of the actress/pornstar they prefer. Only fans is just a way for those women/men to work for the money they deserve without depending on clicks and huge proportions of their money take by third party sites (like pornhub etc.) It is really the same thing, but he pays directly. He is buyng sex in a capitalist world where anything is sold. Is this ok in general? hell no. What is excactly that hurts you the most? do you feel like it is ge
  8. I dont know if this is the correct section to post this since it includes many types of relationships so I am going to post it here and it will be probably moved. So I am 27 y old woman, I have been in two long term relationships, first (4years) being abusive and the second one(5years) with an emotionally unavaliable boyfriend. Breaking up this May left me completely scarred, unable to love and trust. I am not over my last long term, we are still talking once in a while, I miss him a lot and love him and I am trying to forgive and accept what our relationship was and that we tried our bes
  9. You should take some time apart and take the kid to a social worker or psych. to eveluate the situation. This might be more dangerous than it seems. I know it is heartbreaking and tough but please take the kid to a doctor. I suggest you leave for sometime to a safe place until what is really happening can be clear. And please dont attack her in the comments. The relationship is clearly abusive, she needs love and suport not being told she is a bad mother.
  10. Hello!! I want to thank everyone for the advice that I was given here all these years. It means a lot to me to have a place where I can really speak how I truly feel. I dont want to write much so here it is. I was in a relationship with a man for 5 years. It was really tough especially in the beggining since he was a very introverted person and emotionally unavailiable and took almost 2 years for him to express his feelings and give me the love I needed as a woman. This made the whole relationship up to that point very exhausting to me, but I kept having hope that things will be fixed. And
  11. I am sure he says the truth. I checked with mutual friends today. He has it...
  12. I have a long time to post here.. I find this forum really helpful from time to time. Thank you all for you time and kindness. One decade ago when I was 17 I had my first relationship. I dont want to go into details about how this worked out, but it broke me to a thousand pieces. He was mentally and physically abusive and made me suffer for a long time. you can read my story here if you want https://www.enotalone.com/forum/showthread.php?t=548602 It took me nearly 3 years to get over punishing and blaming myself for what happened to me. I forgave him for what he did so I can forgive
  13. No I am not from an asian family. I am not putting dad on a pedestal. My dad wont support me in this. I wanted to write about him too but did not have time while writing the original post. My dad knows she is being controlling and he avoids every kind of fight with her. He just does what she asks him to and when we all fight he never speaks. I have blamed him for this too many times. I have told him that as a parent his job is to protect his child even from its own mother. He says mum loves you more than her life and stuf like that. No my mom was not lost in shuffle. She was from a poor famil
  14. I am 25 year old woman and an only child. My parents never had any other kids by choice because they wanted to give me my best chance. I grew up with my mother mostly until 4, she stayed at home while my father worked. I dont remember much from that time, I have a very sweet feeling though we were really close. After that she started working too and I grew up with my father (he is a teacher so he was at home to take care of me). My mother worked a lot and I was seeing her only a little bit at night and sundays. She started being something else. She was always tired and mad and critical of w
  15. It was very sudden. It started in a bad time for us. He felt I was being all over him but he did not tell me he just pushed me away in silent ways. No sex no communication all day sitting on his laptop. I was shocked and I thought he was cheating at first. After some months and a lot of me blaming you arguments he said this and he also said that he is pushed away by my anxiety and depression disorder. I suffer from extensive insomnia. I did a huge work with my self. He admitted he was acting child like. This was one year ago. We sorted things out since this summer. I dont say anything now. I d
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