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Does anyone else have a friend that drives them crazy?


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I have a friend who has just been making me crazy lately. We have been friends for over 10 years and they got out of a relationship earlier this year and have just been out of control. All they think about is sex. They even sent a photo to me of them completely naked fooling around with someone. I made it clear not to do that again but they still thought it was funny. I just feel that they have been using people and at first I chalked it up to the getting out of a relationship thing but it's all starting to get old and I don't know how to address it to them in a nice way. Anyone else have this problem with a friend?

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Most of my friends annoy me to some degree.


Is the friendship good enough to let you tolerate the annoyances? If not, maybe it is time to move on from this friend.


If it is worth it then I would just try to be helpful to them because they are having a hard time. But sending nudes like that is crossing the line.

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