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Why does this young man consistently lie about his relationship with this girl? He admitted that they "talk" and sex is included. Ive tried on several occasions to end it but he will not allow me. When he first admitted about this girl he said she chased him, cannot see himself waking up to her every morning when i asked if he loves her and has posted no pic of them on social media... yet. It has been a year and half and still says i am making this relationship up in my head. Ive since blocked him. Why cannot he admit his feelings or relationship?

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You sound like the man with no name on Game of Thrones.


The man with no face likes the girl who is nobody as a sex partner and nothing more. He does not want her in his life other then for that purpose. He has nothing to 'admit' to the girl but he HAS told the girl the truth but she refuses to listen.

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I know for a fact they talk daily and she believes them to be married with children one day. I would be the one he is telling, not her.


So: To talk daily means that he is keen to keep the sex coming so he strings the girl along. He has told the girl that the relationship is in her head so she should listen to that as being the truth and move on in head and heart.

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Exactly. Why cannot he admit this. He tells me i shouldnt worry about some "chic!"
Well, first of all, and putting it mildly, that's a pretty odd spot to draw a line in the sand.


Second, if he's been actively trying to get with you or succeeding in doing so while engaging with the other woman, I'd venture to say he's probably right and he simply enjoys having her as a dish.


I mean even if he did really love her, what difference would it make if he did admit it to you? I'm doubting you'd throw your hands up in relief and be all like, "Finally! Now put your shoes on. We're going to Olive Garden."

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Why cannot he admit his feelings or relationship?


Because he can have two for the price of one. Since this has been going on for a year and a half without experiencing any consequences, he knows he has nothing lose.


Why not place a higher price tag on yourself, and up your value. You have the power to do this...

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