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100 days since the breakup

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102 days to be exact.


Not one word. I still think about her every single day. I wonder about her, I hope to the sweet lord that this feeling stops one day.


I miss my old relationship.


I almost wish I had something to push me away from wanting her back...




I still wonder day in and day out if she will come back

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Nthing the distraction suggestions. More than distraction, imagine your life the most awesome it could possibly as a single person, what's in it? What do you do? What do you want to learn that you don't already know, or what do you want to get better at? You need things to work towards.


3 months into my last break up I had accepted that we were broken up but I still missed my ex a lot. 6 months in I didn't miss him specifically anymore but I still missed having Someone. A year in and I cautiously felt like I had regained my equilibrium. It can take a long while. (Less time with good friendly interactions and things to do!)

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Get yourself in breakup bootcamp mode. Get in shape, new clothes, hair, updated look, etc. Join some stuff to get back into life.


Get a good profile and some new pics up on same dating apps. Start browsing who's out there for you. Start talking to girls again and meet up for coffee.


Get the ball rolling even if you are powering through it at first until it becomes enjoyable again.

I almost wish I had something to push me away from wanting her back.
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It feels to me that what's holding you back is that little hope you still have of her coming back so you're not 100% moving on with your life nor 100% available for other things to come. I know it's hard, I'm dealing with it too... sometimes I have fantasies of my ex coming back to me, but I think that to move on we really need to lose all hope (or redirect that hope to something better non related to them) so that we can reach total acceptance. This kind of hope throws us back to the denial stage over and over again and the cycle repeats.

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It's over. You need to let her go. Are you lookin' to be obsessed with her for the rest of your life? Are you looking to end up as a profile on ID? It will only be worse for you long term if you continue to ignore reality. Listen to Wiseman, it is time for some serious bootcamp.

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