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  1. I have a new girlfriend now, she’s really great. But for some reason I have this urge to look at photos of the past. My EX was my best friend at one point in my life. And I never got full closure, I would never take her back but I do wonder what she is up to now-a-days. I’m 24 make my current girlfriend is 21 female and my ex gf is 21. Is it wrong to look at her Instagram? Why do you suppose I have this sudden urge after 2 years of not looking at her pictures or social media at all?
  2. Thanks for the responses everyone, she does not live at home she lives by herself. She has expressed a concern of awkwardness that could/will be present when they arrive in December. I feel as if the circumstance as a whole is incredibly bizarre, specifically because he is coming with. I understand parents staying friends after breakups, but this situation to me is very weird. I am in no place to say one way or another because we have not been seeing each other for that long.. but if continuous contact with her ex has been going on for two years.. thats a red flag for me. Not really sure ho
  3. Recently I met a girl I’m very interested in we’ve been spending time together a lot and we’re even taking a small day trip together this upcoming Saturday. Although I’m very interested to see where this goes... I have one concern. Her and her ex broke up 2 years ago but apparently her parents are still good friends with his parents.. so much so that they are flying in from Australia in December to stay with them.. and her ex is coming too. She swears to me that she is over him and she thinks it might be awkward as well.. but apparently he is still very interested in her and she tells me that
  4. This is good advice, thank you. I do like to go to the gym and i've thought of talking to some of the girls there but I don't want to be "that guy". Maybe I might just go for it though.
  5. Lately I’ve been staying in more and more, not going out to the bars and the clubs as I once used to. Going out became mundane and boring, the people were just not the kind of people I wanted to be around anymore. I’m looking for a genuine loyal relationship with a woman and it seems it’s nearly impossible to find, at least out at the bars. This has led me to focus more on myself and finishing college/work which I like a lot, but am I looking in the wrong places for women specifically? Should I be looking for a relationship at all? This whole process of not going out as much has made be a
  6. Getting the urge to write her a letter.. I don’t know why I want to keep going back to this woman just to get sh*t on. I guess I just miss the way we used to be.
  7. Nope not the girl I dated for two months... my ex of three years that I’ve been out of a relationship with for over a year. And you’re insane. Stalkerish? What are you a psycho analytic professional? I simply asked if I should reach out again .... you’re Blocked.
  8. I’ve been wanting to try and re-kindle my past relationship. Going back and forth between doing so.. is it wrong to want to reach out to her? Should I continue on my no contact journey? Thank you
  9. No I was with her for around a month, things just didn’t work out
  10. I’ve dated several girls over the past 14 months, I’ve done everything you can think of to try and continue to move forward without my ex girlfriend. I’ve gone to counseling, I’ve traveled, I’ve made new friends, I’ve even had a couple of potential love interests that just didn’t work out. While this time has been EXTREMELY difficult for me, I have grown in ways I couldn’t have grown if we were still together. I truly feel like a better person and I feel as if I am on the right path for myself. I am currently in my last year of college wrapping up the last few classes I have, in order to
  11. finally learning to accept it after all this time, it feels good to just try let it go completely. by this i mean not wondering if she will ever come back.. also to accept that missing someones company is okay, but moving on is necessary. It helps to keep telling myself these things. saying "accept it, and move forward." is something that helps me. I am ready to meet new girls and date more seriously, hopefully someone really cool comes along. what are some tools you all used to mentally let go completely? maybe I can implement some of these tools. -- just one of my venting entr
  12. Lol. Trust me I’ve been to counseling ... it helps but not that much. Im not obsessed just lonely and I miss having a love connection. 52 threads is a way for me to vent... and talk. Yeah I need to get over this girl .. I’m definilty healed but not completely. We broke up because of lack of sex and she was not able to communicate effectively. We had a bond unlike any I’ve ever experienced with another human being. I lost one of my best friends. That is why this is tough. I’ve spent literally 2 grand on therapy.. I have everything I need to know.. it doesn’t wash away the pain..
  13. Maybe it’s because I’m such a nostalgic person, It’s going to be a full year since our breakup las January. I still think about her every f*cking day and it eats away at me. Endless questions pop into my head on a daily basis, “I wonder if she will ever try to contact me again” “I wonder if she cares anymore”. Im tempted to reach out and then I remember that I’ll get my hand bitten.. there fore I hold back and bottle true emotions to the matter... because I know she’s never coming back. I want to be ready to get into a new relationship but she’s always in the back of my mind. AFTER A YEAR O
  14. It’s almost been a year now, I don’t miss everything about her anymore but the loneliness and yearn for a deep bond still lingers after going through many evolutions of the breakup stages. While the days and months pass, I look back and know that my wounds are healing, that I am in fact getting better. That doesn’t stop me from missing that deep bond we once shared together. You know.. the kind of bond where you don’t even have to talk with your voices when you’re laying down in bed in the morning, your souls are just connected and it’s pure bliss in your mind.. yeah that one. Sometimes when I
  15. Thank you for the responses guys, yes I feel as though I am doing much better than previous months, I do however have bouts of loneliness in the mornings (not always but sometimes). It’s not so much that I miss my previous relationship but I do miss the bond/connection/waking up with the person you love. Maybe I’m the kind of person that likes being in a relationship as opposed to the single life, to me the single life has gotten quite stale quickly.
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