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When a woman thinks she's bothering you. What does that usually mean?


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So I have this friend, she's cool and I enjoy talking to her. We text/hang out pretty much every day or every other day. And she's told me before that she thinks she is bothering me when we text which is weird because my messages are pretty lengthy so I can't see how she feels that way.

Just recently she told me that she still feels like she is bothering me, so I finally asked her why she thinks that way and she wouldn't give me an answer, she wouldn't specify.


What does that mean? Does she like me or is starting to like me and doesn't want to say anything?

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Since none of us can plug her brain into a USB port and download her thoughts, it is pure guessing other than to say that by consistently asking if she is bothering you, she is a person who thinks about others. In this case, she wants to make sure she is not wasting your time or disrupting whatever you were doing. She sounds like a thoughtful person and may ask this question to anyone she texts frequently.


However, since YOU are asking what this means, then what she thinks matters to you. In other words, if you are interested, don't play guessing games or pretend you want a friendship if you want more. Just move towards asking her out.

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I only felt like I was bothering one guy when I texted him. He assured me I wasn't, and I probably wasn't. In reality, I was sensing that I liked him more than he liked me. Maybe this is the case with the two of you. You say you are just friends. Are you interested in something more? If so, let her know.

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She's fishing for reassurance. Some women do it and it's an annoying habit. Tends to snowball, so just tell her simply that you wouldn't be talking to her if she bothered you.


Some men do it, too. Whether it's annoying or not depends on the man, and the rest of his personality.


But I agree with the others: she probably likes you, and is trying to test the waters a little. Don't chalk it straight up to neediness and a need for reassurance. She might be trying to figure out whether to bail or keep trying.

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