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Feel kinda weird - big age difference


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So, one of the young kids at work just invited me to his Halloween party.


I feel kinda weird because, while I'm flattered to be invited, I am a good 25-30 years older than just about everyone else at work. I mean, I'm in my early 50s and the other people at the party will be 20-26 years old. I'd feel like the house mother or someone's mom who was supervising the party.


I politely declined, with thanks.


I feel a bit rude for saying no (because it was nice of him to invite me), but seriously, I just don't feel right going to a party with a bunch of young 20s.


Instead of telling him that, I explained that I am not feeling well. I declined plans with friends for last night due to not feeling well, so at least he probably won't think I'm making it up. I really haven't felt great the past few days, but I could probably have powered through. But not to go hang with 22 year olds.


I guess it's flattering though, that they would want me there???

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I would have felt out of place too. I have friends at work that are 22, 23, but I don't think I would go to a party. I would feel like their mom.


Me too.


No, there are basically no other 50s at work other than very upper level management, who wouldn't be invited and wouldn't go anyway because it would be inappropriate. I got into the industry later than usual, which is why I'm so much older than everyone else.


I do have friends at work who are 30s and 40s, but there are only a few and none of them are invited. I do things like go to dinner or hear a band play with my more age-appropriate friends, but a party full of 22 year olds? Not for me lol.


Besides, I have seen older people who try to hang out with the young crowd and I always think they look foolish. Like they were trying to act or look young when it's painfully obvious they aren't anymore.

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I did something like this one time. It was actually OK in the end. Next time you get the invite, you might want to give it a go. The young kids actually thought i was a hoot with all my old man experiences in life. I was sort of the center of attention. I didnt smoke any pot with them, and I left early. Dont take it too seriously, hang out with them a while and then go home when it gets too late for your bedtime.

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I don't blame you. I'm 27 now and the idea of hanging around 18-22 year olds makes me groan. Actually, I talked to my boyfriend and his friends about this - they get invited to some college-type gatherings that include more recent alumni so most people are 21-22 and they told me that they don't go because it feels weird.


Granted, there are some younger folks that I like and would hang out with on an individual basis no problem, that's cool. But a party of them? No, thanks.

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I understand why you'd have felt out of place and chose to decline, I wouldn't go either to a party with only 20 year olds.

But I would take it to mean that they think you're cool and fun! It's a good thing, because if they thought for a second that you'd be a party pooper, they wouldn't have invited you.

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