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Today I met the guy I have been talking to for nine months!


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I went on a dating site back on October 13, 2015. I was looking for people in my area in Arizona when a guy from California contacted me. Of course I felt disappointment since he is six hours away. I quickly learned to like him and as we progressed in our messages and emails, then phone calls and shortly Skype.


We couldn't meet up because his schedule was hectic at work. So he said since he goes on a horse back ride in Arizona on July 21st with his parents they would stop then. Now I still live with my parents and am on disability for a serious mental illness at 34.


He is 38 has more worldly knowledge and is very independent. He lives at home in California to save money but pays his own way.


Now Today:


I had butterflies leading up to today. I mean you don't know chemistry or spark until you meet in person.

I wasn't sure if we would progress after today if we felt no connection other then friends.


So I arrived with my parents at the restaurant and when he and his parents arrived. My parents held a table while I went out to greet them. He gave me a giant hug and I hugged his mom and shook his dad's hand. His dad is more shy.


Well we went in and he paid for all of our lunch which took my parents and I by surprise.


I honestly didn't think he took to me at first. I mean I didn't hide anything from him that there would be a surprise for him to find out about. I'm heavy set and currently working out and eating healthier to lose the weight. He has always known about this. He is slender and a little bit shorter then me. So side by side we look awkward.


We ate at Rudys a barbecue place. I don't know if any of you have been? Well it's a stand in line and order your food like a cafeteria. There was no awkward silences we all talked and that went well.


Then it hit as we sat across from each other and our parents giving us space and talking with eachother. When he eased up and felt more comfortable with me, that I felt a connection.

Pretty soon it was just us two in our little bubble holding hands and talking and making deep eye contact.


We excused ourselves to throw away trash and walk into the little shop to look around. Well that's when he kissed me on the lips, that's when the spark came! We kissed for a little longer. After kissing we both knew instantly that we wanted to be with each other.


He told me he really likes our chemistry and feels a giant spark with me. Before we parted after a couple of hours of talking amongst everyone. He asked me to be officially his girlfriend I of course said yes.


It was hard saying goodbye to him we lingered taking in each others scent.


They had to be on the road for another four hours to get to where they were going.


It's going to be long distance and we both knew this and have planned out how to go about it.


I'm flying to see him in October. And then it will be more frequently after that.


I'm very giddy and smitten!!!


I can't wait to see how this all unfolds!!!


I get a sense of serenity around him just being in his presence as if I never want to leave his side.


I haven't had feelings like this before. The feelings seem more mature and evolved, it's hard to explain.


I feel as though my eyes are wide open going into this. I'm more cautious but have my guard down and I want to take things as they come.


With previous relationships it was fall fast, eyes shut, crash and burn!


This time I'm being more careful just by enjoying the moment and knowing in October I will get to really see how our chemistry and spark transpire and of course over time.


For now meeting somebody is different then conversing online. I got the hard part over with which is the first initial meet to see if there was anything there, and there was!!!




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Wish you all the best!! And yes! I heard of Rudys but its also probably because I live in Arizona too haha! I still yet have to go to Rudys...and Raising Cains... I have been under a rock for too long! LOL.


Anyways best of lucks to you! I hope everything goes out well for the both of you! Lots of hugs.

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