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  1. I'm sorry you're going through that. I was literally about to mention about counseling until I got to the last part of your post, and well, the only advice I can offer you is maybe you and your wife should go through a brief break. You need some time whether to think if the relationship is worth staying or not. I know divorce might be the last thing you want to do, but sometimes it is the only option you have. Staying in a toxic marriage for the sake of your children only causes more harm than anything, and more to yourself. No person has the right to be verbally abusive, no matter wha
  2. Don't let your family dictate who you're supposed to date or not. You are the only person who knows what it's best for you. In some cases, there are times when your parents point of view is nice if the girl is a lunatic or a cheater; but other than that, you choose who you want to date. Not anyone else.
  3. I'm sorry to say this, and I am doing this with the kindest approach as possible; this relationship was done and over with the moment you broke up, and from the moment you two fought in the middle of the separation. Even though she started dating too soon, what she does after the separation is none of your business. She can do anything she wants, and it was to be expected that she would find somebody eventually. It happens all the time after break-ups. You had no right to get angry with her since you two weren't together anymore. If she is avoiding you, then it should be clear that she h
  4. You'll be okay, and you will get through this. Although I kinda wished you didn't messaged him in the first place, but hey, EVERYONE literally makes this little mistake once or twice in our lifetime. I would block him honestly. The great thing about blocking someone is that you aren't expecting a reply, you are basically focusing on YOU! Which is the most important thing in a break-up. It may hurt for awhile to be honest, but over time it will ease. It is also great that you acknowledge the fact that your ex wasn't the guy for you; but I must warn you, you will start to idealize him with r
  5. I hope you follow what everyone else is saying on here; you are pretty much thinking on your own consideration and not his. Leave the poor guy alone. Ever heard of the saying, "Never be friends with an ex"? Well it's a very important saying for a reason! Leave him alone and concentrate on your own life.
  6. He could, but its rare. I hate being a total Debbie downer and I'm usually one for positive advice; but I gotta be realistic. Serial cheaters will continue their sleazy habits. No matter how beautiful, sweet, smart, and caring the girl is; a serial cheater will always cheat no matter who they date. The guy didn't cheat once, he cheated multiple times. That's enough to tell you that this guy is a walking red flag. Honestly, if your friend doesn't end up listening to you and still ends up with the guy; then no offense to being a total harsh jerk, but it is going to be all on her and eventual
  7. Personally, I would tell your friend to not risk her heart. Been there, done that. Unfortunately, the saying is quite true, "Once a cheater, always a cheater." And lets say he doesn't cheat, your friend will always have that insecurity and doubt in the back of her mind because she is constantly fearing that he will cheat eventually, I mean is it even worth it? She can do so much better than that.
  8. I'm sorry you are going through this, and you must be feeling very confused. The few warning signs that I have seen is the fact that she wasn't completely willing to bring down her walls and hence, it prevented her from fully taking things further in the relationship. More and likely, her previous relationship did take a huge mental and emotional toll on her. 8 years of abuse won't fully take away the personal wounds until she seeks therapy and counseling, and it seems like she still needs a long way for her to heal. May I ask, how long was she separated from her ex-husband when you fir
  9. Yes! Usually the gym is great for letting out all the stress and tension you held throughout the whole day, and also you can take out all your anger through cardio or weightlifting. I know once I broke-up with my ex, I immediately started going to the gym and it helped tremendously with the healing process. Not only it helps with letting out your anger and tension, but you will look and feel great too. Win-win! If you can't afford to go to the gym, then just bike or run around your neighborhood or town. Anything physical is better than a couch potato! I know a couple of weights in certain
  10. I'm glad that you are going to therapy. And yes, you can go past the pain alone without any friends. Although it wouldn't hurt to at least calling your best friend or closest family member and let the pain out. Sometimes you need a person or two to help you get through a tough break-up. For one, stop putting so much mental energy on somebody who never treated you fairly; you are basically just sabotaging and preventing yourself from healing. From what I can see, you stem with a huge insecurity and attachment issues. Did you have a rough childhood or a bad previous relationship? Those littl
  11. Please let your girlfriend find someone better. She deserves the truth, and you claim that you love her, but you don't. You don't lie and hide crap if you truly loved the person, nor do you kiss someone else. You keep putting yourself as the victim, but honestly and truly, you're just selfish. How did you expect us to react? We are straight-shooters and we don't beat around the bush, especially towards those who are playing behind a person's back. Stop leading your girlfriend on and let her go.
  12. I'm glad that you feel much better now than the last few months; but unfortunately, I agree with everybody else. It still sounds like you are still in denial and constantly keep wishing that he will come back to you as a knight on shining armor on a white horse. You need to let goooooo. You and him have been constantly getting back with each other like a yo-yo; and the more it kept happening, the more the relationship deteriorated little by little. When a person says "never" then that should be your cue to instantly recognize that "never" is well... never. Stop wasting so much energy on a
  13. This guy sounds like a total a**hole. I wouldn't even reply to him at all. I would just block him and return whatever things you have of him to make it finalized. Sorry to say but I don't think he was ever serious about his feelings with you in the last couple of months. The fact that he continuously ignored your feelings, lied to you about that girl being his friend, stood you up many times, and led you on screams a man who was not mature and committed for a long-term relationship. Also ten years? I would've thought he would put a ring on it before hitting the ten year mark. That's anothe
  14. You cannot change a person; which include their habits. Find someone who has similar values as you.
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