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You would need to read my other posts to know the rest of the story.


Yesterday she deleted me off Facebook for asking her if she was still texting this guy i found out had asked her out and she agreed to while we were still together, its the reason we broke up if we werent already after how shes acted towards me the last two weeks, she says she had no idea it was a date. To be honest i think she is blaming everything on her depression and she just expects me to be okay with it because she says its her depression.


I had no plans on contacting her after we last spoke but tonight she messaged me again and said hey, i replied and she continued talking like normal. This woman has completely broken my heart and all i want to do is be alone and i have made it clear to her many times i wont be just friends with her. I told her i still cant be friends, i havent even accepted its over and most of today ive blamed myself even though i know it isnt all me. She then casually says sorry for bothering you ill go then.. bye, is this a game to her?


I am struggling so hard just to cope, i can smell her everywhere in my room, i can't sleep and i haven't been eating. I tried to remain calm and i said to her that unless she wants to work on us getting back together she needs to leave me alone, we pass more words between us until she tells me i'm selfish and i don't care about her depression or id be to understand. As far as i understood when she was here on Friday and Saturday we agreed to give us time to get back to normal and not date anyone else but she wont even agree to that anymore so i asked her unless she has a date planned what changed, it was only a day ago. She says its trust, shes never felt trusted, how do you trust a liar? I understand that i asked her is she texting him but did that deserve the reaction i got? After that she says shes done with my stupid ass questions, i replied and then she told me to leave her the hell alone and she never wants to talk to me again.


I called her up and then i sent her a message over Facebook pouring my heart out to her.


I don't know if anything is going on with this guy, she lies alot but she says theres not so im torn because i have no idea why our relationship ended, why she wont leave me alone. When she told me to leave her the hell alone she said that if i had just spoke to her normally for an hour she would have reconsidered us getting back together, am i supposed to believe that?


I dont know what to do, my head is a complete mess and it feels like shes pulling me apart, shes not speaking to me again, the same as she wasnt speaking to me last night. I dont know if im beginning to resent her but she doesnt feel like the girl i fell in love with anymore, something has changed.


She says us breaking up means everything to her and its effecting her too, if thats true why is she doing this?


I dont understand.

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First of all, let me tell you how sorry I am for what you are going through...its very cruel what she is doing to you.

Well, from what I understand she doesnt really want to be with you, but at the same time she wants to keep you for comfort.

As long as you keep on having contact with her and "assure" her that she still got you, she feels comfortable to play her games.

I bet there is something going on between the guy and her, and the way she escapes your questioning is by attacking you instead of

genuinely answering answering the questions.

Sorry to tell you that but even if you guys were to go back together, there is a good chance that it will not last for long

and she will not be faithful and truthful to you.

As I said as long as you reply to her messages and spill your heart out to her she knows that she got you and she is calm.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to go full no contact. Do not answer her calls on messages anymore and

focus on healing yourself, rather than hoping to get back together, as sad as it sounds.

Only when she will see that she "lost you" she will truly think about it, but as long as you are there

available for her all the time, she doesnt truly appreciate your loss.

Hope you get better ASAP.


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If her lips are moving she is lying. She cannot be trusted at all.

She is using you, and you know it. And sending here a heartfelt email just fed her ego.

You need to go NC....like yesterday.


She can't mess with your head if you can't hear her.

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